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  1. Huckleberry

    Russia Invades Ukraine X

    GOP civil war on Ukraine builds between MAGA, Reagan Republicans
  2. Huckleberry

    Thanks to Coach Bryant and Coach Saban.

    Some may want to debate who was better, but I don't think that matter can be settled. I have been blessed enough to enjoy a good geal of Coach Bryant's success and all of Coach Saban's masterful work. Thanks to both those fine men, great coaches, and excellent leaders. I'm proud to be part of...
  3. Huckleberry

    Florida fans have the least class of any fanbase in the SEC...

    I lived in Florida (born here), Georgia, and several other states before work returned me to Florida a few years ago. I've been to many football games involving every team in our conference (with the exception of Missouri). That makes me feel somewhat qualified to say this: Florida Gator fans...
  4. Huckleberry

    Unable to come to SECCG because my dear wife broke her leg

    I just had to put it into writing. She was a good sport and offered to let me use her ticket and invite a friend, but I simply couldn't leave her behind. It wouldn't have been fair (and I probably would have been in big trouble). We had such a good time together at the Georgia Dome watching the...
  5. Huckleberry

    Will brain injury discoveries radically change football?

    I watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (yeah, I know he's a jerk, but the show is often worth watching) and they had a segment about brain injuries from playing football. Rather than discuss all of the issues they covered, I thought I'd ask how my fellow Alabama fans feel about this topic as...
  6. Huckleberry

    Can FSU become a BCSCG contender?

    I know the computers really hate FSU and their loss to NC State doesn't look good. On the other hand, Florida is ranked highly by humans and loved by the computers. Being stuck in Jacksonville, I'm exposed to lots of information about those teams and the concensus, even among most pro-Gator...
  7. Huckleberry

    If we lose Georgia next year, what might our schedule look like?

    Noticed on a texas aggie site a post stating that since Missouri will open up with USCe next year, our series with Georgia will be delayed. Is this true and, if so, does anyone know how this might change our schedule? I'd post the link, but since it references a pay site, I'd rather not.
  8. Huckleberry

    Suggestions needed - Hotels SECCG

    I'd like to stay at a place located where the wife and I can enjoy ourselves, but still get a decent night's sleep. Somewhere in Buckhead, maybe (I'm open to other possibilities), for around 150-225 per night. The place we stayed last year was nice, but there were virtually no football folks...

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