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  1. derek4tide

    Question: Alabama Spring Game

    Do City Cafe before Mugshots. Mugshots is a chain and not special like the local places in Northport and Tuscaloosa.
  2. derek4tide

    Early look at 2019 class

    Coach Golding will have this area fenced off for sure. He knows the Hammond area and southeast Louisiana. I’m excited about him on the recruiting trail.
  3. derek4tide

    News Article: JOX ends the Opening Drive with Jay, Al and Tony ...

    No, you’re not. Many of us like our humor funny. Those 2 are awful and very difficult to listen to on any day.
  4. derek4tide

    FBI Probe of College Basketball

    Re: FBI Probe of College Basketball Players, Coaches, and NBA Agents So, Chuck Person was on the barn’s staff, was named by the FBI, but no barn player was paid or given special treatment. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.
  5. derek4tide

    What are you listening to (Music)

    The War on Drugs, Alvvays, Beach House, the xx, and Courtney Barnett.
  6. derek4tide

    Compiled Recruiting Rankings for 2018

    Kirby taking a picture of the recreation board in the football office while leaving for Georgia and then using it to recruit negatively against Bama shows how low he’ll go. He would show that picture to recruits and tell them how Bama really didn’t think they were good enough and how Bama had...
  7. derek4tide

    Link: Reuben in trouble again... (DV Charges Dropped) (UPDATE: Suspended 2 Games)

    Re: Reuben in trouble again... If this is true, he should pay dearly. No one should be hitting women or causing any level of domestic abouse towards women, period.
  8. derek4tide

    DC named? (watch the teaser titles)

    Nope. Still no link or official announcement. still calls him “co-dc” from 2016.
  9. derek4tide

    DC named? (watch the teaser titles)

    Still no official word on who gets the DC title. Many articles yesterday said “expected” when talking about Tosh as DC. When will the official word come down?
  10. derek4tide

    Post 2018 and looking to 2019

    Then I want Taulia over Tyson.
  11. derek4tide

    Where do we stand? 2/5

    Just a couple of weeks ago many on here were pounding Tideflyer calling him a downer.....from my point of view, his worry (and some of us) was justified. I’m concerned about next year, as well. We are in a new type of recruitung now with early signing. I think it’s good Coach got rid of the...
  12. derek4tide

    A Week Away From NSD: How do we stand on 1/31?

    Well, when someone in the know on here says we may not have a full class and many of the 5 stars are going elsewhere, I don’t see how we stay at #5. It’s not the end of the world, but we may drop several slots. It really is nothing, just weird after so many #1 classes.
  13. derek4tide

    2018 Prospect: QB Brock Purdy

    I don’t think he’s an SEC caliber QB. Not surprised that Coach never gave him a commitable offer.
  14. derek4tide

    A Week Away From NSD: How do we stand on 1/31?

    If this is true, sounds like we finish around #8-#14 signing class. Especially if we don’t sign a full class.
  15. derek4tide

    2018 Prospect: 4* S Julius Irvin

    And no mention of Bama as a consideration. Just Udub, USC and UCLA.
  16. derek4tide

    Poll: How good was Bobby Bowden?

    “I’d rather be lucky than good.” - Bobby Bowden
  17. derek4tide

    2018 4 Star QB Brevin White

    Bingo! That’s a goodie.
  18. derek4tide

    2018 4 Star QB Brevin White

    Chicago commodities broker, Johnny Musso did alright with his Bama degree. I just laugh at all of the fawning over Ivy League degrees. I have a “state school” degree and did alright compared to some friends who went to Brown and Penn. Just sayin
  19. derek4tide

    Bama Coordinator Search Thread

    Lol, yeah, I know, but we all know coaches never many jobs did Ansley have since January 1st?:)
  20. derek4tide

    2018 4 Star QB Brevin White

    Correct. The Ivy League doesn’t offer athletic scholarships, only academic ones.

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