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  1. ElkhartTider

    Need 2 or 4 for WCU!

    Late notice... but my brother and I will be bringing our women down to the game against WCU. We had a plan for tickets that fell through. Looking for either 2 for my wife and I or 4 for our whole group. At this point we'd need to pick them up in Tuscaloosa. NEVER MIND! Just did the print at...
  2. ElkhartTider

    Need 2 for Kentucky...

    Hoping to meet at the stadium on game day. My wife and I will be coming down from Indiana for her 1st real Bama game! Email me at or text 574-849-7089! Thanks
  3. ElkhartTider

    (From back on 4/18) Spring Practice Observations... (LONG)

    I posted this info on TiderInsider a few months back and completely forgot to share with you guys over here in the midst of a very busy semester of school! Some background... I coach high school football up here in the shadow of the Golden Dome and I was lucky enough to be allowed to come watch...
  4. ElkhartTider

    Looking for an elementary teaching & football coaching position in Alabama...

    I'll graduate next May 2014 with a bachelors degree in elementary education. I'm wanting to move to Alabama and continue coaching. Please e-mail me at if you know of anything! Thanks!
  5. ElkhartTider

    Blog: My analysis of Amari Cooper...

    Hey guys... I've posted a link to my blog before when I broke down the Yeldon screen against LSU and the final 4 offensive plays versus A&M... here is my breakdown of Amari Cooper... the future NFL Hall of Famer. :biggrin2: I coach high school receivers and I've been very interested in him all...
  6. ElkhartTider

    Link: The last series of downs.. my take. Hope this is okay to post here. I don't see why not though. Boy was it painful to watch this and recap what happened... :( Tell me what you think. RTR
  7. ElkhartTider

    Question: Tickets available before the game?

    First of all Mods... I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here but I need an answer and Ticket Swap gets me no traffic.. move if you need to. I'm going to my first home game in a few years... coming all the way from Indiana. I don't have a ticket to the game yet. In the past I've had luck getting a...
  8. ElkhartTider

    I need 1 A&M ticket!

    I just found out I can go to the A&M game! I just need 1 ticket.. don't care where it is... I am in Indiana so I would either need it overnighted asap or I'd prefer to meet in Tuscaloosa the day of.. Thanks!
  9. ElkhartTider

    Question: Where can I get one of these sweaters!?

    I've looked EVERYWHERE. I've spent tons of time scrolling through every possible Alabama apparel shop on the web. I'm posting this as a displaced fan wondering if any of you locals have seen this item in stores down there? Wondering if it is even available to the public.. I know that the...
  10. ElkhartTider

    Link: Notre Dame has an "elite" defense.

    This is a local writer up here... just figured you all could get a good laugh out of this... he's always hyping the Irish.,0,6930768.column
  11. ElkhartTider

    Question: How to contact Coach Stallings?

    I remember someone asking about contacting Coach Stallings a few months back but searched and couldn't find it. I'm hoping that he could stop by the high school I coach at here in Indiana before he gets enshrined this summer to speak to the kids. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. ElkhartTider

    Demetrius Goode transferring to UNA.

    I wish him the best of luck... sorry to see him go. RTR!
  13. ElkhartTider

    Rate Bama's NFL draft prospects on future NFL success.

    Julio Jones WR 6'2¾" 220 - I think Julio will be the most successful of the bunch. He could be the next T.O. minus the crappy attitude and antics. Marcell Dareus DT 6'3⅛" 319 - Marcell should get plugged in immediately and make a difference on any NFL team. Mark Ingram RB 5'9⅛" 215 - I...
  14. ElkhartTider

    Malzahn to Tulsa?

    Sorry no link or anything.. but from what I've read Malzahn had a hard time leaving Tulsa and enjoyed his stay there.. close to his hometown in Arkansas... makes sense to me and they've got talent for a school like Tulsa...
  15. ElkhartTider

    Thank you seniors and early entrees...

    Going to miss you guys.. thanks for all your hard work! RTR!:BigA:
  16. ElkhartTider

    Pistol run tendencies...

    I just finished watching the Bama/Miss. St. and Bama/LSU games over again and I noticed something with our pistol alignment... the back behind McElroy is shifted about half a yard TO the side the that the run goes to... anyone else seen this? Maybe we're trying to set up some false tendencies...
  17. ElkhartTider

    Question: What time will the Iron Bowl be this year?

    Need to know so I can get off work! Anyone got a guess? Thanks! Posted via Mobile Device
  18. ElkhartTider

    Question: RV parking close to campus?

    Any good spots?
  19. ElkhartTider

    Question: Anyone know where I can find "Training Days: Rolling with the Tide" online?

    Not sure of the exact title.. but I'm looking for the hour long special that aired on ESPN and ESPNU... checked Hulu and YouTube and didn't find anything... Thanks!
  20. ElkhartTider

    Question: NCAA 11 Teambuilder?

    Hey guys.. I've created a team on EA's teambuilder website.. Now I'm trying to figure out how to actually play with them.. Forgive me I haven't really ever messed with any of this online EA stuff.. My question is how do I "download" my team? I don't have internet access at home so I can't get...

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