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  1. CrimSonami

    News Article: JoJo Earle -- Broken foot

    Honestly, I'm more concerned with TE depth, experience and talent than WR. The next question is who rises up for KR/PR duties.
  2. CrimSonami

    SEC West Predictions

    I know it's TideFans 'cuz it's the only one I visit but I have to remind myself it's not a Awbrun coaching debate thread. I think anyway.
  3. CrimSonami

    SEC West Predictions

    I like this although I'm interested to see what the wannabe fake cajun accent dancin' coach does. I'm thinkin' he's gonna sneak up on a couple before seasons end.
  4. CrimSonami

    SEC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2022

    I certainly hope so. I do have a question though, because I honestly don't know. Who is CNS using as Offensive Analysts this season and what advantage might that bring with a full stable of willing and capable RB's and WR's?
  5. CrimSonami

    SEC East Predictions

    USCe and the Gators. Both in squeakers.
  6. CrimSonami

    SEC East Predictions

    1 - Georgia 10-2 (6-2) 2 - Florida 9-3 (5-3) 3 - Tennessee 8-4 (5-3) 4. Kentucky 8-4 (4-4) 5. South Carolina 5-7 (2-6) 6. Missouri 5-7 (2-6) 7. Vanderbilt 2-10 (0-8)
  7. CrimSonami

    SEC Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2022

    Gotta be The Pirate. I'd bet money on it.
  8. CrimSonami

    ESPN Gives List of Proposals Designed To Kill College Football....

    Ain't even gonna click he link. The title alone makes me ask this. How many times has the Daytona 500 winner gone on to win the cup?
  9. CrimSonami

    RB/TE/WR Depth going into Fall Camp.

    Not saying Henderson is another #6 but,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  10. CrimSonami

    ATM's Ainias Smith Arrested Just Before SEC Media Day Appearance

    Some things never change. What's the over/under when ole Jimmy is sent packing?
  11. CrimSonami

    Conference Realignment Talk

    Sadly, as expected, I along with many others I've had discussion with are beginning to lose interest in keeping up with all this. CFB is quickly becoming even more the "Haves and Have Nots" and unfortunately many, like myself, are wondering exactly when Top Tier CFB as we know it will officially...
  12. CrimSonami

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    As for me I'm happy the circus is leaving town. Unless of course for some reason he were to decommit. Ya know there's gonna be colleges that'll try just about anything to flip the kid. Only thing is there won't be a "Bag Man" cuz it'll take a "Brinks Truck" to carry the lute now that it's...
  13. CrimSonami

    No Profanity — How many times do we go over this?

    Probably the playground bullies still upset about the quiet kid punching them in the mouth in front of the other "Cool Kids"
  14. CrimSonami

    Will NIL lead to players staying longer in CFB

    When this happens I'm done. There's absolutely no place for a 25-30 year old playing against 18 YO "3 Star" rated players.
  15. CrimSonami

    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    He can't maintain a winning program no matter how many recruiting championships he wins. Yeah he'll win some as was evident last year when he finally beat Saban but what did he do after? He doesn't have the Champion mentality or ability. He's a fast talking snake oil salesman that'll be run out...
  16. CrimSonami

    Coach Saban goes off on programs buying players (A&M, Jackson State, and Miami mentioned)

    I don't give rip about how CNS directs the spotlight but he, and only he, is the one NCAA Coach that can speak and EVERYONE listens. There's a method to the madness, always. Did he state the Bimbo cheated? No but buying players within the rules is not only possible but probable. Did he state...
  17. CrimSonami

    Alabama: Latest Bama News 5/16/2022 Thru 5/22/2022

    I truly hope young Mr. Hall, or someone close to him, recognizes the signs and gets him the help he needs. Never mind football at the moment, this kid needs some serious intervention.
  18. CrimSonami

    Offseason Thread: When Saban Retires -- Who?

    First reaction is Billy Napier. I really like his trajectory but only time will tell if has what it takes to build a top tier SEC program with the talent pool that is the state Florida. We shall see.
  19. CrimSonami

    NCAA Portal Talk

    Hope you're wrong! Their 1st game is ULM. Second game is Bama. ;)
  20. CrimSonami

    NCAA Portal Talk

    Texas won't beat Bama. Ewers will be shell shocked, If Texas goes 5-7, and they might, we'll get Sark back as an analyst if not OC.

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