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  1. jenk56

    Santonio Beard Has Passed Away

    Sorry to hear this, RIP.
  2. jenk56

    Pick two road games to go to this year

    Texas and Ole Miss
  3. jenk56

    Look a here, Bama is now at the top of Rivals rankings

    True, Perkins decommit did hurt the Aggies.
  4. jenk56

    Look a here, Bama is now at the top of Rivals rankings

    With the new five stars Bama is back on top.
  5. jenk56

    Who is in the 2022 Transfer Portal?

    Georgia lost two yesterday JT Daniels (QB) which doesn't come as a surprise and Jermaine Burton (WR). Burton has excellent size and speed.
  6. jenk56

    Welcome to Aggieland

    Campus was very nice modern and quiet. The atmosphere at the stadium was great and the fanbase was really nice before and after the game. Stadium was very nice clean, loud with plenty of options for fans to choose from to consume. Some of the traditions will probably make you scratch your head...
  7. jenk56

    JessN: Texas A&M wrap-up: Aggies had to have help to beat Bama and they got plenty of it

    The offensive line was getting beat all night, in part to the play calling being so predictable. We also did not learn how to deal with crowd noise from the Florida game as many suggested we had. Turd of a game all the way around.
  8. jenk56

    BREAKING Ale Kaho to Transfer

    I wish Kaho nothing but the best in his future endeavors, and would not be surprised if he ends up in the NFL as a Pro Bowlers on special teams. I really hate to see guys like this leave the programs. These are the guys in practice that ensure no one takes any plays off...his departure will be...
  9. jenk56

    Link: Bad, bad headline and article for LSU (USA Today)

    That has been fear I've had.....
  10. jenk56

    Ishmael Sopsher has Entered the Transfer Portal

    Throw me in the disappointed pile. I was surprised he didn't get more playing time last year but when that didn't happen, I assumed there was a plan in place. Then I saw the weight loss, and I assumed he had bought in and was on track to break out this season, but still nothing. I think we...
  11. jenk56

    News Article: Sport Illustrated Top 100 Players for 2019

    I'm just as surprised that Wills isn't on the list either.
  12. jenk56

    CFP Championship Game Practice
  13. jenk56

    I think Irv Smith maybe the best TE to play under Saban here.

    This to me is like one of those arguments about basketball players from different eras, although the time gap is not that wide the offensive philosophies are so different it makes a true comparison almost impossible. Both are great talents but the way they were (are) used and the skill of the...
  14. jenk56

    2019 Prospect: **** DL Braylen Ingraham Commits to Alabama****

    Re: Braylen Ingraham Welcome!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!
  15. jenk56

    Class Act On Behalf of the Bryant Denny Crowd

    In the recent weeks leading up to the season the story involving the QB battle on campus left a lot of things said on both sides. The media being who they are, jumped at the opportunity to report all the airing of dirty laundry on both sides. But during the past week we saw a QB from another...
  16. jenk56

    **** ILB Shane Lee Commits to Bama ****

    Welcome Shane!!! Great pick up!!! He is highly rated in all recruiting circles. Most kids outside of the skill positions have to come into college and make some physical changes for the transition to big time football...I am less concerned about his height or weight but excited that we have what...
  17. jenk56

    Link: Derrick Henry to be featured back...

    Re: Derrick Henry to be feature back Well looks like DH has company in the backfield with Dion Lewis coming to the Titians.
  18. jenk56

    Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. MSU - 2nd Half...READ MY WARNING!

    Harris has to have an injury...
  19. jenk56

    Game Thread: OFFICIAL BAMA vs. Ole Miss Game Thread, 1st Half...

    The oline is killing us..

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