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  1. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Auburn vs LSU

    In case anyone is watching. 7-0 LSU at the moment. Lots of bad QB play.
  2. RammerJammer14

    Tim Tebow Engaged

    Seems Tim Tebow finally found someone. Article is pretty sappy, but it’s People Magazine, what can you expect: Just thought I’d throw this out there since Tim has taken so much flak over the years...
  3. RammerJammer14

    Question: Are Conference Championship Games now a Liability with the Playoff?

    Watching these conference championship games, outside of ours I see a bunch of undefeated or one-loss teams playing 3-4 loss teams. Looking at the top 6 entering today, we had: 1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Notre Dame 4) Georgia 5) Oklahoma 6) Ohio State Oklahoma played a rematch with Texas...
  4. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Fighting Irish vs Hokie Pokies

    This is pretty tight in the 2nd qtr. 17-9 ND with 1min until halftime. ND just got a crazy forced fumble return for a TD. Still, ND’s offense isn’t doing much and their new QB looks rattled
  5. RammerJammer14

    Didn’t mean to go off the grid!

    Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while, last time I did I kind of started a bruha around bioethics and stuff. I didn’t want to dig up that thread and reignite arguments but just wanted to apologize for asking people to explain themselves then going off the grid. Wasn’t intentional, I was just...
  6. RammerJammer14

    Kudos to the Refs Last Night

    So I think we have all ragged on the refs the majority of our games this season at some point or other; our opponents are the least penalized in he NCAA, we get nit-picked, refs are blind to holding, blah blah blah etc etc. As such I just wanted to give a shout-out to a well refereed game last...
  7. RammerJammer14

    SEC Shorts Alabama fan post-Iron Bowl

    There has been a lot of angst on here lately and ya'll may not be in the mood, but I found this pretty funny. An Alabama fan's therapy after losing the Iron Bowl. The teddy bear part cracked me up pretty good. Although I can't say I've ever met an Alabama fan who actually harbors a desire to...
  8. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Gators vs Vols

    This is the only game I get to watch today, so, go gators! Gary seems a little more muted in his opinions so far with Nessler. Could just be me though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. RammerJammer14

    All Blacks vs Wallabies absolute Classic match!

    Obviously this is not football, but since there is still just under a week left until Alabama opens the 2017 season, I thought ya'll might enjoy this rugby contest between the New Zealand All Blacks and Australian Wallabies. It has multiple lead changes, flashy play and physical domination all...
  10. RammerJammer14

    Thoughts on the Nation as "Anywhere" vs "Somewhere"

    I thought this was an interesting article that hits at the core issues facing western society today, especially in regards to immigration, multiculturalism, and political discourse...
  11. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Michigan vs Iowa

    10-nil Michigan in the 2nd. It's a competitive game though. I still don't understand what kind of serious football program wears a basketball brand jersey though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: OSU vs Penn State

    5min left, Penn State just blocked a FG and returned it for a TD to take the lead. Sorry BIG, pulling for Penn State so that Bama retains the longest away-game win streak. Dang it, I see me and MobileCrimson made a thread at almost the same time. Sorry mods.
  13. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Clemson vs NC State

    A very defensive game here. Kinda refreshing. Tied 10-10 in the 3rd right now. NC State had a goal-line stand to prevent a TD earlier in the game, had a pick 6 to open the second half, and just forced and recovered a fumble at their own 3yd line to prevent another TD. Clemson looks like they...
  14. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Fighting Irish vs Spartans

    Notre Dame has clawed their way back into this game, surprisingly. Down 8 with 6min left in the 4th. Sparty with the ball now following a ND TD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: NC State vs. East Carolina

    Hey, it's football. ECU is looking good, up 9-0 with 4 left in the 1st. Kicker missed the extra point after a holding penalty, and their starting safety just got ejected for targeting. It wasn't a malicious hit, but he popped the WR above the pads to jar the ball loose. Seemed real happy about...
  16. RammerJammer14

    Game Thread: Auburn vs Clemson

    Not that anyone is going to watch this game while we are playing. But I just flipped over during halftime and unfortunately it looks like Auburn has found themselves a kicker. Just nailed a 53 yarder, pretty as you can be, straight down the middle to take first blood. Sent from my iPhone using...
  17. RammerJammer14

    The illusion of social media and how it can be psychologically destructive

    I was shown this article by a friend and I wanted to share it here. It is about the trap social media can tempt us to fall into; to present our lives as perfect, despite knowing this is not true, and yet to assume we have to live up to the perfection presented by others as if it is the truth...
  18. RammerJammer14

    Link: Sheriff takes boy hunting for the Holidays

    With all the anti-police craziness going on, I thought this was a nice story.
  19. RammerJammer14

    Christmas Lights to Music

    I think we should petition to do this to the State House. Just for Jon. ;) Yee Haw! Or, if that's not your cup of tea:
  20. RammerJammer14

    Pop up video Ads

    Was wondering if I am the only one having issues with popup video ads lately. Roughly the last 3 weeks I cannot click on 3 different pages without having an ad cover the middle of the screen and play a commercial. closing the ad redirects me to the "recent activity" screen. If I hit back the ad...

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