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    Question: Where does Metchie rank in terms of Saban era receivers

    Winning Saturday was amazing, but losing Metchie was painful. Painful in terms of losing his ability, but more so because you really hate it for him. My question is where does Metchie rank in terms of Saban era receivers which, for all intents and purposes, is among all time Alabama greats...
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    Question: Any chance we go after Jahmyr Gibbs (from GA Tech)

    As a GA Tech grad, I follow them with a very moderate level of interest. Their one bright spot has been Jahmyr Gibbs, who is very fun to watch but has unfortunately (for Tech) entered the transfer portal yesterday. His style of play is comparable to Alvin Kamara (not saying he's that good...
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    Question: Official Game Football for Alabama

    I want to buy my son an official game ball that Alabama uses. It seems that we use the Nike Vapor Elite, but I can't determine if there are any distinguishing features about the ball we use. For instance, LSU uses a Nike Vapor Elite ball but it has their logo and a purple swoosh, and can be...
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    Question: Do you think we will name the field at Bryant-Denny after Saban at some point?

    Georgia is naming the field at Sanford Stadium after Vince Dooley this weekend. This got me wondering if we will do that for Saban at some point. For the last few years, I've just assumed we would, but now I'm wondering if we will do it while he is still coaching. Coach Bryant's name was...
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    Funny commercial on 680 the Fan in Atlanta

    680 the Fan in Atlanta has been running an SEC championship commercial stating that the match-up features "the surging Georgia Bulldogs versus the Alabama Crimson Tide who have struggled against quality opponents." First off, we are not yet a definite in the championship game (I take nothing...
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    Question: Who is our most difficult remaining opponent?

    I have not watched Arkansas play yet, but I've seen Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, and LSU. Of those teams, the one I've been most impressed with is South Carolina. They don't have the overall talent that Florida or LSU has, but they seem to be playing better than both teams. I know that it...
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    Robbie Caldwell (Interim Vandy Coach)

    I'm watching the replay of his media session on ESPNU and he's like Jerry Clower disguised as football coach.
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    Question: Non-starting quarterbacks

    Who was the last scholarship quarterback we had that never was a regular starter, but completed his full 4 -5 years with the team? I honestly don't know. I wanted to say that it was John David Phillips, but he actually started several games at the beginning of the '98 season.
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    Does Upchurch or Marquis Johnson have an NFL future?

    When healthy, I've always thought Upchurch was a pretty good runningback. Unfortunately, there have been two guys ahead of him the last two years (Coffee/Ingram in '08 and Ingram/Richardson in '09) that got the lion's share of the carries. I doubt he is drafted, but I could definetely see him...
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    SEC West coaches

    Les Miles is now the longest tenured coach in the SEC West followed by Saban. I believe Mark Richt is now the longest tenured coach in all of the SEC and he's only been there since 2001. That is insane. I think the days of a coach staying with a team for a long period of time are officially...
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    Question: Do we rest Andre the next two weeks?

    Do you think we'll see Andre the next two weeks assuming the extent of his injury is just a knee sprain? I wouldn't mind in the least if the coaching staff elects to let him rest that knee until Arkansas. Mike Johnson slid over to tackle and David Ross came in at guard when Andre went out...
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    Georgia Tech v Clemson 2004

    I'm an Alabama fan at heart, but a Tech graduate. I recall Tech's 2nd game of the season in 2004 against Clemson. In the prior recruiting class, Tech had landed their biggest recruit in the last 10+ years. The game was at Clemson and their stud recruit single handedly won the game. His line...
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    Question: Whatever happened to Tremayne Coger?

    I haven't heard anything regarding him over the last year, and I don't recall him getting into any trouble or leaving the team. I remember him being a pretty good recruit a few years ago. Is he still on the team?
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    Wilson should not be blamed for Int before the half

    That is the absolute worst game Wilson has ever had. Three straight throw aways when we get the ball at midfield is unacceptable. However, coaching led to the interception just before the half. We had all three timeouts left once we got near the goal line and we used them all before the third...
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    How important is the Arkansas game?

    I don't like putting too much emphasis on one game, but the Arkansas game could shed some light on how the season goes. Consider this. Since they came into the league, our record is 7-0 against them in years we have won 9 or more games. However, we are 0-5 against them in years we have...
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    Brandon Fanney

    I have not seen Fanney's name mentioned in anything I've read about fall camp. I don't believe he's hurt and his name hasn't even shown up in the box score of either of the scrimmages. I thought he would come in and make the biggest splash among our freshmen defensive linemen, but it seems...

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