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    Where are they now? WR Al Bell 1985-86

    The end around against Awburn.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    I thought Koht was hurt and sat out this spring?
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    National Championship Roll Call

    I’ll be watching from sunny Cyprus! Roll Tide!!
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    What (In Your Opinion) Were The Biggest/Most Obvious Heisman Snubs?

    Ricky Jackson losing to Archie Griffin in 1975.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Postgame Thread - Bama vs. LSU...

    I believe it is this and with BOB as well.
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    JessN: MIAMI WRAP-UP: Bama razes Canes, but isn’t a complete team yet

    I thought it was pushing off or hands to the face on both.
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    Jim Fuller has died

    Small but tough as nails.
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    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    Steeler great Franco Harris hot criticized a lot when he was playing for stepping out of bounds rather than take a hit to get an extra yard. He would say why should I get hit if I don’t need that yard?
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    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    I would posit that Coach Bryant was a 1st team All-Conference player as a defensive end. I remember an old time SEC ref saying that Paul Bryant blocked and tackled harder than almost any player he had seen in all his years of officiating SEC games.
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    Tennessee Returns Unsold Tickets

    When was the last time a SEC team returned tickets to us?
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    From ESPN, a second pro day for Mac...

    It’s always fun to mention the 1983 draft where 5 QBs were selected before Dan Marino; including such All-Pros as Todd Blackledge, Tony Eason and Ken O’Brien.
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    1987 team

    Amp owned Ford
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    1987 team

    I was at that game also. We started 3 guards against the Twin Towers, Robert Scott, Kent Looney and Amp Murray. I don’t think we ever trailed.
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    1987 team

    The 1975-76 team was pretty damn good.
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    Welcome to the best football board on the net. My father-in-law is from Excelsior Springs, Mo
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    Coaching Staff Changes

    Wasn’t Darryl Royal an “Oklahoma” guy?
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    Coaching Staff Changes

    Here’s a quote from a piece in “The Athletic” which shows why Coach Saban is the greatest of all time. “That’s another piece of the puzzle for Saban. His staff recruits better, but it also evaluates and develops better. And given the amount of staff turnover Alabama has had, his ability to...
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    Think about how many schools use “We play Alabama so you’ll get to go up against them if you come here” as a recruiting aid. Expand the playoffs snd teams that don’t normally get to play an Alabama or a Ohio State get a chance.
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    FCS champions play 16-17 games.

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