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  1. Probius

    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    Did you notice that he didn't say just say that he's against same-sex marriage? He wants to have it both ways. He wants to avoid voting for same-sex marriage without saying he's against same-sex marriage. Also, 71% of the country and 55% of Republicans now favor same-sex marriage, and those...
  2. Probius

    LGBTQ Issues: Will We Choose Love and Acceptance or Hate and Oppression?

    If it really is just a stupid waste of time, then just vote yes. It takes no more time to vote yes than it does to vote no. Rubio just wants to be homophobic without being called out on it.
  3. Probius

    Every school's most iconic play

    The 2nd and 26 play has everything an iconic play can have. It was a beautiful play on the biggest stage in football and it was filled with drama. Just when I thought Bama was in deep trouble after giving up a 16-yard sack, Tua throws a perfect pass to DeVonta on the run. There was that huge...
  4. Probius

    JessN: CFB’s real turning point has just started to come into view

    The thought of two college football teams from Los Angeles playing in a mid-west conference is beyond ridiculous. I suppose geography doesn't matter anymore. The strength of college football rivalries is in the teams being close to one another. Fan bases live near each other and they can travel...
  5. Probius

    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    I typically drive between 80 to 85 on the interstate. I know from experience that 90 and above will get me a speeding ticket. It's a small fine and there is no need to go to court since it can just be paid before the court date.
  6. Probius

    2022 NFL Draft

    No one has ever been happy to be a Lion.
  7. Probius

    2022 NFL Draft

    Detroit took Jamo at #12.
  8. Probius

    2022 NFL Draft

    They are doing the Atlanta thing, acting like idiots.
  9. Probius

    2022 NFL Draft

    Evan Neal is off the board! RTR!
  10. Probius

    2022 NFL Draft

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. Probius

    What is your Top 5 Post Spring Bold Predictions?

    1. Bryce Young becomes the second player since Archie Griffin to win back-to-back Heisman trophies. 2. Will Anderson is a Heisman finalist and makes a trip to New York. 3. Nebraska goes 4-8 and Scott Frost is fired. 4. Auburn goes 5-7 and they fire Bryan Harsin. 5. Will Anderson breaks Derrick...
  12. Probius

    Clemson looks bad... incredibly bad. (Clemson Spring Game)

    DJ Ukelele is the next Kelly Bryant, except worse. Dabo benched Bryant in 2018 and I would be shocked if he didn't bench DJ at some point this season too.
  13. Probius

    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    Duke vs. Michigan State! Coach K vs. Izzo! Classic! :D
  14. Probius

    News Article: Great article about Bud Wilkinson and Coach Bryant

    I've thought a lot about what makes the difference between a good coach and a great coach. This part of the article helps to explain this difference. “But Bear was always able to be totally aware and not ever create a circumstance that didn’t fit with the sociological circumstances and still...
  15. Probius

    More than a month later, Luke Fickell still thinking about CFP semifinal loss

    In the locker room, yes, he should tell his players they have a chance to win and he should go into the game telling himself they have a chance to win. Once the game is over, he's got to realize that his team just faced a better team and that it's time to move on. It's one thing to head into a...
  16. Probius

    More than a month later, Luke Fickell still thinking about CFP semifinal loss

    Luke Fickell knows football, he's a good coach and he understands the game. I'm sure he had a good understanding of his own team and that of Alabama as well. Surely, he had to have known that his team was going to have a huge challenge in front of them and that they were a big underdog for a...
  17. Probius

    What are your top 5 favorite iconic uniforms in sports?

    1. Bama football (Away) 2. Bama football (Home) 3. Notre Dame football (Home) 4. Penn State football (Away) 5. Michigan football (Home)
  18. Probius

    The Barn & Harsin are still married!

    This looks really bad for Auburn. They have made it clear to the college football world that they have no confidence in their head coach and that he has no job security. I wonder how much this will wind up hurting their '23 recruiting class.
  19. Probius

    Harsin and Auburn Drama (Auburn coaching situation talk)

    "Low also noted that if Harsin is fired without cause, he is owed $18.3 million, with half due in the first month." Auburn just paid out Gus over $21 million. Would they pay out Harsin over $18 million a year later? After one season? We are talking about nearly $40 million to tell two coaches...
  20. Probius

    Question: Have you played Assassin's Creed on PS4? Thoughts?

    Have y'all played Assassin's Creed on the PS4? I've been thinking about getting it. I'm a big fan of history and I am fascinated by the version of the game which takes place in ancient Athens. If you have played the game, what do you think of it? Is it worth buying?

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