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    Google Chrome hacked (again)

    The article says it's the third time this year...
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    Link: India accidentally shoots missile at Pakistan. Luckily it did not lead to a war. Still l, it's scary with how careless these countries are with both of them having nukes.
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    Artificial super intelligence
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    Spectrum threatening excustomers
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    Warren request Wells Fargo breakup I guess they needed to test the limits after the too big to fail in 2008.
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    Student Loan Debt Some people may view this as criticism of Alabama but it was just the example they used to point out the larger problems. For instance, our state made cuts to public university spending during the 2008 recession...
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    Man invests 100million to change social media.
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    9 year old wants to go to the NFL

    9-Year-Old JITTERBUG Wide Receiver Wants To Go To…: I know its a bit early to tell but i think he is going to make it.
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    Supreme court 1st ammendment case
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    Instacart fires employees for unionizing I thought this was illegal.
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    Israeli government official claims aliens exist He is probably crazy but I thought some of the replies on here would be entertaining.
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    Question: Coaching bball versus football

    I am watching the Baylor versus Texas game and a question occurred to me. Can a highly successful coach at either sport learn to be as succesful. I think that alot of things that are succesful in one sport transfer to the other (discipline, teamwork, having an established system, recruiting...
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    P.j. ORourke

    So I was on one of the political threads and someone mentioned O'Rourke and I looked into him. I chose to read the first book that appears when you Google him which was Parliament of... Anyway I really enjoyed it and want to read more books by him but there are quite a few. I was wondering on...
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    worst nfl management

    I did a quick Google search and it only focused on wins and losses which may be on the coach, not the management. So in you oppion, what is the worst NFL management for a team and why?
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    Greenbay vs. Chicago.

    Greenbay getting MAULED by Chicago's defense. As I type this Chicago's defense scores a touchdown.
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    Poland Seeking Permanent Military Presence On the one hand, I am happy that one of the countries that uses our military might is willing to pay for their security (too often we have seen the U.S. footing the bill for our allies security.) On the other hand, I do not want to set a...
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    Profitable State resources

    So, a few months ago there was an article posted on tidefans about Alaska making enough money off of oil taxes that they were able to pay alot of people back all if their taxes paid into the state, plus a bonus check every year. Texas does not have the same bonus but their economy and citizens...
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    95 killed in Afghanistan today It's usually a lot slower in the winter in Afghanistan than it has been lately. I'm unsure if it's because the U.S. troops having very little presence there now which...
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    Preseason versus post season top 25 Preseason...
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    First pick in draft

    So, every year the first pick in the draft is by a terrible team. Sports radio I was listening to was pointing this out. Being an awesome player on a terrible team may not always lend to a player being able to showcase their abilities. I was wandering on the history of these first players once...

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