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  1. AlBamaWagg

    2023 Recruiting: 2023 Recruiting Targets

    "Good lord how the military has changed. Maid service in the barracks? Are you kidding me." When I was in the Army in Korea in '68-'69, we were allowed Korean houseboys(if we could afford them) who took care of lockers, uniforms, bunks, etc., while we were assigned on base. Meanwhile, back on...
  2. AlBamaWagg

    BREAKING 2023 5 Star DB Caleb Downs Commits to Alabama

    What video is being referenced regarding him picking up hats? I only saw the "keep it simple", and the only hat is the one he's wearing at the end. Can't imagine him not being a super star.
  3. AlBamaWagg

    2023 Recruiting: 2023 Recruiting Targets

    "There will never be 5* kickers unless he is kicking 80 yard FG's in games. News is constantly riddled with mistakes or omissions." The article said that the kicking school/service rated him a 5* kicker and a 4* punter.
  4. AlBamaWagg

    2023 Recruiting: 2023 5 Star RB Richard Young Commits to Alabama

    Don't at all understand the responses to Guido's comment. Didn't see anything confusing or improper about it on it's own. Every player will have to make a choice before time runs out (train goes by). ??? Oh well.
  5. AlBamaWagg

    2023 Recruiting: 2023 4 Star OL Olaus Alinen Commits to Alabama

    Assuming the gentleman to Olaus' right is his Father, does he have any eligibility???
  6. AlBamaWagg

    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    Have always felt that the safest speed was the flow of traffic, regardless of the road.
  7. AlBamaWagg

    Trouble Coming with UTexas...

    Something about when Selma says "I recall" that is so different from when the rest of us do. For me, at my age, it's a major event!
  8. AlBamaWagg

    Question: Just curious if you are pulling for or against Joe Burrow in Super Bowl

    When I saw Burrow arrive for the game I immediately thought Cam must be his stylist.
  9. AlBamaWagg

    A’Shawn Robinson Is Having Himself a Game

    He had just about that same look coming out of high school. I remember the first time I saw a picture of him I thought it was an error.
  10. AlBamaWagg

    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Sorry for only stating current status. What's wrong with me?🤷‍♂️🙂
  11. AlBamaWagg

    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Moody already announced in the portal.
  12. AlBamaWagg

    Video: SEC Shorts - Georgia and Hope go to therapy

    For me, the best ever!!
  13. AlBamaWagg

    Game Thread: Armed Forces Bowl: Mizzou vs Army (ESPN 7cst)

    When the Missouri kicker gave the salute to the Army team after his field goal, I was all Army. Don't believe there was anything respectful intended by him. I'm fairly sure every member of Army's team could kick his rear.
  14. AlBamaWagg

    Player celebrations

    It seems to have started a few years ago with the receiver core, and I think for us long time followers, we're just not use to seeing it from the Tide. I personally think all the hand jive is very "middle schoolish", but hey... The ones I always shake my head about are the defenders whose...
  15. AlBamaWagg

    Get well soon, Cecil Hurt !

    Hoping for a rapid recovery.
  16. AlBamaWagg

    2022 Recruiting: Who are the 2022 Recruiting Targets?

    My first comment after watching his commitment was "Say what?!?" Outside of that comment, he seems like a class young man that everyone would want on their team. Best of luck to him.
  17. AlBamaWagg

    Tennessee fan coming in peace!

    AJ, we share initials and possibly a state of residence, but that's all. Bye Bye. Sing along, Rocky Top you'll always be, a pile of dung to me. Be gone Rocky Top, You're stinkin up Tennessee! (had to modify my version for the board)
  18. AlBamaWagg

    Mac Jones Related News (Cam vs. MJ in New England)

    Why doesn't someone start a thread about Mac Jones?
  19. AlBamaWagg

    Good Move by Heupel

    Or. Too many QB's. Opportunity to get rid of one without difficulties.

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