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  1. Mystical

    Rich Rodriguez asks "Where's my statue?" at Alabama.

    I laughed out loud literally at this. At the end of the article he says Alabama was a better fit for him than Michigan. Hard to believe that West Va was in better shape than Alabama at the time. Gazing around at Alabama's grandiose football digs, Rodriguez couldn't help himself and quipped...
  2. Mystical

    Can we talk about LA Tech game 29Nov2017?

    Another game tomorrow night at home against La Tech. They are undefeated and this will be a interesting game. They may be a good team. Looking forward to hearing what our fans know of them and who on their team to watch for.
  3. Mystical

    The top teams in the Big 10 all lost in Bowl games.

    So much for the dominance of the Big 10. The flag bearers all lost. Wisconsin won but I thought they would dominate that team. The Big 10 is now 3 wins to 7 losses. The ACC is better than most people want to give them credit for they are 8-3. I think the media may have been to quick to crown a...
  4. Mystical

    Oklahoma HS student allegedly posed as FBI agent to receive services from prostitutes What could possible go wrong with that plan lol?
  5. Mystical

    Punishment for a child who likes Vile uniforms?

    My son was watching the hype video with me (very good video by the way) and said "Dad I like that teams uniform". I was speechless because it was the University of Tn. uniform. I was always taught that that was the ugliest uniform on the face of the earth. Now I have to ask my fellow Tide...
  6. Mystical

    Where to watch The Game in Atlanta Monday?

    I have to work in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday. Where will the Crimson faithful meet up to watch the game?
  7. Mystical

    Walk down memory lane just before Coach Saban's hire. Neal McCready

    Time to give up on Saban Wednesday, December 13, 2006 So let me get this straight. Just last week, Alabama was so confident it could lure Nick Saban away from his $5 million-a-year job with the Miami Dolphins after New Year's Eve that it offered its top position to West Virginia's Rich...
  8. Mystical

    Jerry Clower tells a story about playing the Alabama Crimson Tide

    I always loved Jerry. Tickled me to death as a youth. Here is a story he tells when he played for Ms. State. Seems appropriate since Derrick Henry might do the same thing this week lol.
  9. Mystical

    Police officer in South Carolina shoots man in the back 8 times. This one is crazy. I don't think race played a part in this but this is crazy. The man should not have ran. He had a warrant for child support. If I had not seen the video there is no way I...
  10. Mystical

    Proud of the team and the effort they gave all year thread.

    I just want to start a thread to say thank you to the team for all the hard work this year. We were of only 4 teams to make the playoffs. We should be proud!!! I am proud to say I bleed Crimson now more than ever. I will not listen to any talk shows criticizing my Tide. When the season started...
  11. Mystical

    Iron Bowl was the most watched game of the football season!!!

    Seems people really love watching Alabama play football. We are in 5 of the top 10 most watched games of the season. Auburn is in 2 of them. To no surprise Birmingham watches more college football than anyone else New Orleans comes in as a distant second...
  12. Mystical

    Did playing Nick Marshall and Auburn prepare us for Mariota and Oregon?

    One good thing about last nights game, I believe, is it will prepare us for Oregon's QB or TCU's QB. Mariota is suppose to be a better passer than Nick Marshall but Marshall was on the money last night for the most part. Not sure if Mariota throws a better deep ball than Marshall at least not...
  13. Mystical

    Article from the past that shows how important 2008 was for us.

    This was posted inside of a thread over on the recruiting board, reading it made me think about the mind set of our fans compared to the rest of college football. You have to admire Mal Moore for knowing what was right...
  14. Mystical

    Can D.J. Fluker get some love?

    Fluker played lights out last night. All week long they were saying that LSU had the advantage there. I don't believe Fluker got beat even once and he showed the nastiness that I liked as well. If we are lucky he will come back for one more year.
  15. Mystical

    Any update on Brent Calloway?

    Was just wondering did we ever get an update on why Brent was in a sling last week? Do we know when they expect him to return?
  16. Mystical

    Very early 2012 ESPN poll updated. Not sure how but it looks like USC has earned (lol) the top spot. I hope it goes wire to wire just the way it is now. What say you?
  17. Mystical

    Link: T. Boone Pickens finally tells the truth...

    The truth will set you free. Take that Ok State your king has spoken.
  18. Mystical

    Order is restored!!!!!!

    14 How Sweet it is. Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!
  19. Mystical

    Conferences with a championship game got 2 teams in the BCS!!!

    Was just looking at who has spots in the BCS games, and I noticed that conferences with championship games all got 2 teams in the BCS. I think eventually it may hurt the big 12 not having a championship game more than it will help them get in to a title game. Even though the computers say the...
  20. Mystical

    Alabama VS Oakland?

    Anyone know what station this will be on? I have the extended sports channels so hope it will be showing on one of them or PPV?

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