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  1. AlBamaWagg

    Big Kat Bryant Bailing on Fourteenesee

    Fansided reported a couple hours ago that Bryant who left the Barn for UT has left for UCF and Malzahn. This is killin me. The laughter that is. Oops! Just saw this in the recruiting thread.
  2. AlBamaWagg

    Any News About Brown's Suspension?

    Does anyone have any indication as to what the suspension for Brown and the other two was over?
  3. AlBamaWagg

    Who Pays For Scholarships?

    Having a discussion about athletics draining funds for academics. Does the University General Budget absorb all athetic scholarship costs or does the Athletic Dept have to cover those costs?
  4. AlBamaWagg

    Nigel Knott off Crutches

    Went to my granddaughters graduation at Germantown high school last night and noted that Nigel was no longer on crutches. Don't know if he was still wearing a brace or not but he only showed a slight limp.
  5. AlBamaWagg

    Memorabilia Values

    Does anyone know a site where you can get the values for vintage items.
  6. AlBamaWagg

    St. Paul's H. S. Two QB's. Four College National Championships

    It just struck me that St. Paul's in Mobile had AJ and Jake there partly at the same time and they jointly collected four National Championships in College. That's pretty impressive.
  7. AlBamaWagg

    Pasadena Activities

    Are there open fan activities or gatherings and is there a schedule available? At lower level bowl games there are outside events involving the bands, fans, etc. We're going to be there on the 5th and are looking for any and all game related activities.

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