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    Death of Former Madison County Sheriff Jerry Crabtree

    The Crimson Tide has lost one of its most faithful fans. Former Madison County sheriff killed in car accident | Breaking News from The Huntsville Times - Jerry was a USMC Korean War veteran, a 54-year law enforcement veteran, and an ardent Bama fan. At the time of his death, Jerry had...
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    Blog: Hang Down Your Head Vince Dooley

    Scroll down at this link for the ballad: SEC Expats: Derek Dooley . . . the other orange meat
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    Question: Star Jackson in the Mix?

    Given his ability as a running QB in high school, what are the thoughts on rotating Star Jackson as a dual threat runner-passer from the shotgun formation? Seems it might work better than the "Wildcat" formation, which generally has not netted good results this season (other than late in the...
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    News Article: Kiffin should stop mouthing off,

    but he won't Kiffin should stop mouthing off, but he won't - CFB News - FOX Sports on MSN
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    News Article: Kiffin Wants USC

    Kiffin wants USC, but is willing to wait | | The Tennessean
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    News Article: Strength and Conditioning Gave Fla Edge Over Bama in SEC Championship

    Muscle and Fitness: Strength program gave Florida edge over Alabama in SEC championship - Sports from the Press-Register - Muscle and Fitness is a publication that tends to glorify steroid users....
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    Pass Defense Versus Va Tech

    Our secondary needs to be aware of this guy: :: Football He lacks great size and speed but has a knack for finding open seams in the coverage (a Steve Largent/Wes Welker type of receiver). His father, Jimmy Coale, is a strength and conditioning legend at Virginia Military...
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    Question: Any VT Board Links?

    Does anyone have a link to a good Va Tech message forum? Just curious as to what the opposition has to say. Thanks.
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    Reality setting in for Vol fans regarding Kiffin

    Kiffin's Way of Turning People Off Tennessee's new boss seems to have a way of turning people off - Dr. Saturd... - NCAA Football -
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    News Article: Farewell Andre

    We could have used you in the Sugar Bowl. Andre Smith: "I am proud to announce my intent to become eligible for the next NFL draft" - The Bama Beat -
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    Question: Letter to Team Member

    My son would like to send a letter to his favorite player on the football team. Does anyone know the address? Thanks
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    News Article: Ken Darby Assaulted by NFL Official,130799
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    Link: Official 2008 Auburn/Tennessee Bowl Theme (joke)

    YouTube - Christmas Carols - I'll be Home For Christmas
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    Salute to JPW

    for a fantastic season so far. JPW has hung tough through numerous transitions and challenges and has been a key part of this year's successful team. Unlike many of the phonies the media lofts praise upon, he is a genuinely modest, tough, true team player. At the end of last night's bitter...
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    News Article: Tebow's "Hardest Part of the Day"

    After the Southeastern Conference title was Florida's — and, in all likelihood, a spot in the national championship game — he ran nearly three-quarters around the edge of the Georgia Dome, slapping hands with the Gator faithful in the stands. "That was practically the hardest part of the day,"...
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    Link: Alabama Top Football Graduation Rate in SEC

    Bama's football graduation rate beat out Vandy's.
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    Chickens Coming Home to Roost

    With Fulmer, Tuberville, and Miles losing this weekend, I am reminded of the quote from the movie "The Patriot": I have long feared that my sins would return to haunt me, and the cost would be more than I could bear. Click this pic:
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    Question: What happened to Ingram and McCoy?/ Team Injuries? (Merged)

    He never appeared after his TD. Hope he is not injured. Great performance by Coffee, Upchurch, Wilson, and the O line.
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    News Article: Bottom 10

    Vols make the list:
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    Link: Vote Coach of the Year

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