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  1. techster79

    Game Thread: Texas vs Arkansas...

    0-0 after a couple of possessions. I don’t see how the hogs hold up.
  2. techster79

    Link: SEC shorts - driver’s ed

  3. techster79

    SEC Media days only on SEC Network+

    I didn't see another thread about this and I don't remember it being done this way before. SEC media days is only broadcast on SEC Network+. I have YoutubeTV which doesn't have a standalone SEC Network+ channel. So I can't DVR it so I will have to hope there is a replay on the ESPN app. The...
  4. techster79

    Last time each SEC team lost to an unranked foe

    Team Opponent Points Date Days since today(12/17/2020) Florida LSU 3 12/12/2020 5 Miss State Auburn 14 12/12/2020 5 Vanderbilt Tennessee 25 12/12/2020 5 Arkansas Missouri 2 12/5/2020 12 South Carolina Kentucky 23 12/5/2020 12 Tennessee Arkansas 11 11/7/2020 40 LSU Auburn 37...
  5. techster79

    Video: SEC shorts - Florida losing to LSU version

    (140) SEC Shorts - Playoff kicks Florida out of the house - YouTube So great, loved the auburn guy wearing Newton's jersey grabbing the bags of cash. Two quality losses instead of one, my mom warned me about your defense, hahahahahaha
  6. techster79

    Game Thread: Bulldog duo (msu vs uga)

    JT Daniels made his debut with one pass and a sack. State up 3-0 with ball.
  7. techster79

    FPI Projections

    Team W-L Team W-L Alabama 10-0 Georgia 9-1 Auburn 7-3* Florida 8-2 Texas A&M 7-3 Kentucky 5-5 LSU 4-6 USC 5-5 Ole Miss 3-7 TN 4-6 Miss St 3-7 mizzou 3-7 Arkansas 2-8* Vandy 0-10 *Auburn should have one more loss and Arky one more win, also don’t see A&M losing to auburn this year.
  8. techster79

    Game Thread: Toilet bowl: Arky at Ole Miss

    Arky behind 0-7 and just punted. 5 min left in first.
  9. techster79

    Game Thread: Puke Orange vs Fighting Mormons

    0-0 with 5 minutes left in 1st. TN going for it on fourth down at the 5.
  10. techster79

    Game Thread: Gus Bus vs Southern Miss

    Stidham pressured and dropped short of first down. Now 3rd and 22, 6 min left in first. 0-0
  11. techster79

    Game Thread: Puke orange vs gators

    TN just coughed the ball up 0-0 8 min left in 1st
  12. techster79

    The lamentations of our enemies

    Saw this on FB :biggrin:
  13. techster79

    Question: NFL Gamepass worth it?

    Mods please move this if you see fit. I'm not a huge NFL fan but now that Derrick Henry is starting rusher for Titans and Ridley is with Julio, I'm more interested. It costs $99/year. Has anyone signed up and what is the experience like? I'm especially interested in the compressed game viewing.
  14. techster79

    Link: 2018 SEC helmet schedule!

    Who did LSU tick off? They have 3 teams with byes before their games. USC is 2nd with 2. Arkansas, Kentucky and Ole Miss have no teams with byes before their games.
  15. techster79

    Game Thread: LSU vs Sorrycuse

    Tigers up 7-3 with -3 yards offense.
  16. techster79

    Game Thread: Puke Orange vs 0-4 UMass

    0-0 after Tennessee kicked a FG off the goal post. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. techster79

    Game Thread: Tigers at Clanga

    So much for that new LSU offense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. techster79

    Game Thread: Kitties vs Bears

    Awbarn 10-3 to mighty Mercer. 3 fumbles, 2 punts, Rush TD and FG. They have almost 300 yards total offense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. techster79

    Game Thread: Texas A&M vs Ragin' Cajuns

    Cajuns just tied it up 14-14. Texas A&M has given them short fields off interception and muffed punt return. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. techster79

    Season tickets at face value

    Feel free to move this or delete it if this isn't the place. I have four season tickets(two sets of two). Section U4-CC, rows 27 and 30, seats 12-13. I'm only looking to get my money back out of them. If you are in Montgomery area, will sell for $890/pair. If not, $925/pair for PayPal fees...

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