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    MegaPortraits: One-shot Megapixel Neural Head Avatars

    Kind of neat seeing the paintings come to life. Looks like the sort of face capture technology that the gaming industry is using /developing. And I can see a new career for Ben Franklin as a tire salesman coming of this technology. But that was kind of a random post there CA.
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    Far-right sends shockwaves in France after electoral breakthrough

    "who complain about high prices" Maybe context would clarify for me but the current high prices have virtually nothing to do with either dearth or surfeit of workers and much to do with idiotic policies. "praise our guest-workers as being peaceful" Mostly, except for those career criminals...
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    Sporting Event (One Bama FB, One Non) You Wish You Attended In Person

    Bama games, not considering NCs... you lose or you meet expectations. '85 Iron Bowl.... how not? '96 LSU, previously little used freshman named Alexander inserted late in 2nd qtr to spell starters in a scoreless match. Took over the game with 291 yards and 4 touchdowns. '09 Clemson, a slow...
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    World's Strongest Man 2022: Finals thread

    Don't follow the sport much. Mainly through my son. Would love to see Shaw win another title. Seems a decent fellow. Wouldn't be disappointed with one of the Stoltmans winning though.
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    Tuscaloosa Regional

    Glad to see Jaala and Jenna able to carry the team forward. Agree with you Krymson about swinging at those first pitches. Being aggressive is good, being predictable gives the opposition a tool.
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    Just Got Ugly in Gainesville

    My expectation was that Fouts, Prange and Shipman would all be back using Covid makeup year. That would leave one grad student departing. That said, it would not surprise me to see one or two transfers out.
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    Just Got Ugly in Gainesville

    " She was replaced by Jenna Johnson who spent most of the year in left field " and has been in an even worse hitting slump. JJ is one of my favorites but the logic of that move eludes me. This is a young team, losing only one player at the end of this season and just three the year following. I...
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    Good Morning Tide Nation.

    He is risen indeed.
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    "Miracle Finish" Gives BAMA Series Over Miss. State

    Was listening online. The crowd was very supportive, maybe even decisive. Good job by Salter holding things together until the cavalry arrived. Unfortunate that she didn't get the win. She deserved it. Agree that we're not in a position to give away wins. Given the schedules of the two teams...
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    No survivors found after China's worst air disaster in more than a decade, investigators say

    A near vertical dive from 29000 feet... I don't see how there could be survivors. Must have been a horrible two minutes for those inside.
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    I'll just leave this here... (Gabriella Quevedo playing guitar)

    The fade you say? The FADE? Open your eyes man! The SMILE that went with it!! Enthralling it was - I'm yours Gabriella, in all my wrinkly, creaky jointed glory! I have watched some of her stuff before and she's quite good. Next play through will be with sound. Such a fetching lass!
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    Tide run rules SoUtahU 11-0!

    Thank you, sir. Will check it out.
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    Tide run rules SoUtahU 11-0!

    Game summary on No. 2 Alabama Softball Shuts Out Southern Utah 11-0 in Season Opener - University of Alabama Athletics ( And the box score. Softball vs Southern Utah on 2/11/2022 - Box Score - University of Alabama Athletics ( Games are on radio at 97.5...
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    Tide run rules SoUtahU 11-0!

    Not a bad start. Homers by Dowling and Shipman. Bloodworth Grand Slam in 1st career at bat and solo shot in 2nd at bat. Torrence was sharp too with 9 strikeouts.
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    Who wins the Orange Bowl?

    I was on SECRant a few weeks ago (before the final 4 were certain) and found a Georgia fan posting this comment about a conjectured UGA/UM matchup: "That would be one h[377] of a game. Two programs with a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Two programs with a history of...
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    @crimsonseal12 Agree except the coaches were NOT breaking contracts. They all have buyout clauses in their contracts and were leveraging those.
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    Can't say that I am well versed in how NIL works. If I understand, the athletes go through agents to market themselves and arrange payments and that the school contributes nothing other than some measure of oversight and in some sense their brand name and prestige. State laws also come into play...
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    NCAA Portal Talk

    I'm not sure how much Portal managing Saban has to do. Success likely takes care of that department. The Portal might remove under achievers or those too far back in the queue to see a path to starting but Success will pull in sufficient to address our real needs. I do agree with you Power Eye...

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