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    Alabama is the only team in the top 10 in total offense and defense

    Offense: 1 Ohio State 2 Western Kentucky 3 Virginia 4 Pittsburgh 5 Mississippi 6 Coastal Carolina 7 Alabama 8 Kent State 9 Wake Forest 10 North Carolina Defense: 1 Georgia 2 Wisconsin 3 Oklahoma State 4 Minnesota 5 Air Force 6 Houston...
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    Poll: Worse post season record: Trump Legal Team or ACC?

    Feel free to discuss your answer!
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    Alabama fan at Tigerdroppings needs some help

    Let me state the following: This is not me. I saw this post and felt like I should share it here, but it is not me. Original Thread Those of us that frequent other sites will recognize him as Commander Data on Tigerdroppings/SECRant. Thank you.
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    Thompson 29, Auburn 28 in crazy finish!

    I know it's not specifically Crimson Tide related, though I'm sure more than a couple of these kids will suit up in crimson soon. That being said, please tell me some of you saw that game! With less than 80 seconds left in the game, Thompson: Blocked a punt Ran it back for a TD Recovered the...
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    Breaking news - NCAA: LSU coach Will Wade part of 'impermissible payments' to potential recruits, others

    LSU Basketball Investigation Could Signal Trouble for Football Program Allegations NCAA: LSU coach Will Wade part of 'impermissible payments' to potential recruits, others
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    Go Warriors!

    My alma mater, Thompson, just won the 7A state title and CRUSHED Central-Phenix City 40-14 to do it.
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    Hilarious Alabama vs LSU gif

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    Rankings - Week 9

    A few interesting rankings: Scoring Offense - #2 (Oklahoma is #1) Total Offense - #8 Passing Offense - #5 Pass Eff Offense - #2 Scoring Defense - #10 (#2 in the SEC) Total Defense - #19 Pass Defense - #10 Pass Eff Defense - #11 Turnover Margin - #1 (+13) 3rd Down Conversions - #3 (55.21%)...
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    Okie State - Texas

    I swear this would be a good game if OSU hadn't gone for it on those 4th downs and had settled for FGs Not to mention Texas' pass defense is horrendous. Why do they insist on trying to run it?
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    Trying to find an Alabama highlight video

    Cannot find it with any searches... Basically it starts off with older highlights and Coach Bryant talking, then rolls into recent seasons. Goes into the 2009, 2011 and 2012 championship games, then shows the other sports that we won national titles in for 2012. Any help finding it...
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    Video - The Legend of Jalen Hurts

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    ESPN Article - Jalen Hurts
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    Tua's game winner from CFP 2017

    First, it never gets old. Second, be sure on at least one watching that you watch Saban's reaction. I swear that alone has brought more smiles to my face than the throw itself.
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    Last Year: The Nightmare and Saints Row 4 - Bama references

    In Last Year: The Nightmare, you can craft a helmet if you are one of the survivors. It's a football helmet with a very familiar color scheme and style :) In Saints Row 4, if you pick the female voice that has a Southern accent, she will occasionally shout "Roll Tide!" during combat if she...
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    Alabama's dominance underscores their own dominance (explanation enclosed)

    So, we all know Alabama's offense is good - as in, #1 in the country good. 54.1 ppg is nothing to scoff at. The problem, honestly, is that there is a perception that a great defense can "slow it down". The issue with that is that 54.1 ppg **IS** slowing it down. Case in point: Alabama has...
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    Crazy Stat - Pass Eff vs FBS

    Alabama is currently the #1 team in the nation with an absurd 233.37 Ole Miss, the 7th team and second highest SEC team, is at 165.83 At a difference of 67.54, that means the difference between Alabama and Ole Miss is the same as the difference between Ole Miss and the 124th passing offense...
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    Tua's Numbers (Relation to attempts)

    I was curious to where Tua would fall if he had as many attempts as Will Grier (another great QB) and Gardner Minshew (most passes per game in FBS) With Grier's attempts: 1795 yards, 22 TDs - 359 ypg, 4.4 TD per game - This would put him #3 in total passing yards and #2 in TDs With Minshew's...
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    Alabama's offense will lead the defense to have its worst rank in a decade

    Not in a bad way though :) Texas A&M - gained 226 yards prior to the two final drives (when Alabama had taken a 45-16 lead) out of 393 at the final Arkansas St - gained 275 yards prior to the final three drives (Alabama up 50-7) out of 391 at the final Louisville - gained 184 yards prior to the...
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    Alabama's defense is better than you think

    The first three offenses Alabama faced this year were ranked #3, #10, and #18 in total offense and #11, #12 and #33 in scoring offense last year. So far against those offenses, Alabama has given up 28 total points and only 7 in the first half of football.
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    Funny Maine releases Alabama hype video

    Narrated by a special guest. ;)

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