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    R.I.P. John David Crow

    no link yet but ESPN just sent out a tweet
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    Jarrett Johnson retires Great Bama representative in the pros
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    "Say something nice" threads

    Whatever happened to the "say something nice about (opponent/or their state we are playing)" threads?
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    ESPN pick em contest?

    I saw that the ESPN college football contest is back up for this year but don't see a TideFans2014 group. Have we created one yet?
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    Golf team to get rings at TN game
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    News Article: Texas considers beer sales Thoughts?
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    Has no one watched Wisconsin this year?

    My Sister is a Wisconsin alumni so I have watched them for years. That said, why is Wisconsin not in the Bama, LSU, OU conversation? In the games I've watched since they got the QB from NCSU, along with their traditional dominant running game and great O/D lines- they are serious top 5...
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    It's my fault if we lose

    I'm sick. REAL sick. May even take a nap before the game cause I'm feeling so ill. Which means I'm not going to the Cigar Bar for the game. Which means we lose. Last year I missed the SC, LSU, and 2nd half of the *barn game. Not good and I apologize beforehand but health comes before Bama
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    Link: CSS Sport's Tony Chacheres SEC recipe contest

    Tony Chachere's 2011 Recipe Submission
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    Link: Facebook contest

    Login | Facebook The University of Alabama Alumni Association Facebook Fans, get your favorite Tailgate recipes together! Next week, August 23-August 27, we will hold a Tailgate Original Recipe Contest on our discussion tab of this fan page. Please see the discussion tab for rules/regulations...
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    News Article: Big Ten expansion timeline

    Big Ten: Expansion timeline -
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    News Article: Bears' Anderson inspired to have big season

    Chicago Bears: Mark Anderson inspired to have big season in 2010 -
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    Link: Boise St to join the Mountain West

    Boise State Broncos joining Mountain West Conference, source says - ESPN@@AMEPARAM@@
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    Hey Brett- I'm using Ubuntu version 10.0.4 and firefox version 3.63 and when I click through threads, it logs me out of Ubuntu and I have to relog in then relaunch firefox. just thought you should know. Bill (bilbo)
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    Game Thread: SMU vs Nevada

    Question: is June Jones that great of an offensive mind, is Nevada having that bad of a game (especially on D), has JJ got that Hawaii mojo, or something else? Discuss....
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    Heisman presentation: Mark Ingram wins the Heisman Trophy!!!

    Just for fun I thought we'd start a game thread for the Heisman presentation tonight in NYC. Mark Ingram has a chance to make University of Alabama history and win our first (of hopefully many) Heisman trophy. Good luck #22 and no matter the outcome- we love ya!
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    techno song played at games

    Just thought y'all might want to know the techno song they are playing at stadiums around the country. Today heard it during MSU-PSU and OM-LSU: YouTube - Sandstorm
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    Football lost a good one (my Dad passed)

    On October 31st, 2009 the Lord and Coach Bryant called my father to their side. He had a blood clot in his lungs that burst and caused cardiac arrest. I have told the story numerous times on this site but it bears telling again: I grew up in Chicago and my Father has forgotten more football than...
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    Link: Santonio Beard arrested

    Update with photo: Former Alabama running back arrested in drug sweep | Breaking News from the Press-Register -
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    Big 10 Commercial

    during the UM-Iowa game, there was a commercial for a kids camp called "Rivalries Camp" where there's a kid from the opposing team (think Auburn) leans back and falls into the hands of the other kid's team (Bama) and they catch them. Great premise, but do think this would fly in the SEC?

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