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    Incoming freshman LBs - S&C has some work to do

    roster has updated weights for the new guys, and almost all have some major work to do. Anderson - 230, needs 15-20+ Braswell - 220, needs 25-30+ Bratton - 233, likely ok Kennedy - 215, needs 15-20 Sanders - 230, ok if he plays inside, probably needs 25+ on his frame to play OLB That's based...
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    Christian Harris - did he enroll?

    it looks like all the other freshman have entries @ except C Harris. Does anyone know if he enrolled or if there was some type of issue keeping him from being listed?
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    Another knee surgery for Chris Allen I'm not sure why the author thinks we have so much talent that played heavy minutes. Miller, Mack, Buggs and Williams...
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    What is Deonte Browns injury status

    It's been overshadowed by Tua's injury, but I'm pretty sure Deonte Brown had to go out and was replaced by Cotton. Has anyone heard anything about his injury status? Having him healthy and ready to maul some sooners would also be a big benefit to the run game...
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    JUCO LB Lakia Henry

    this was posted in the football newsfeed, but I can't find anything about him anywhere and he doesn't appear to be ranked or scouted Anyone have any intel...
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    potential ILBs for 2018

    we are looking pretty thin at ILB on the existing Depth chart. any ideas of who from this class is slated to be able to play ILB verse at OLB?
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    Will Blue/Greyshirts from last spring join team for bowl practices

    I seem to remember that early enrollees can sometimes join the team for at least a few practices. Does anyone know if this would also apply to the guys who were in last years class but got blue/grey shirts? Thinking it might give some of them a head start into spring.
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    Could Levi Wallace have a year of eligibility left?

    With his impressive play, I was reading his bio on and there is no mention of him taking a redshirt year. If that's the case does anyone know if he could get a redshirt for one of the earlier years he was on the team and have a year of playing time left? That could be a huge...
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    How did Evans grade out in his first start at ILB?

    I haven't been able to go back and watch the full game, so wondering if anyone has seen how Evans did? If he did well any thoughts on if he'll play a spy role against Watson to keep him contained?
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    Having display issue on mobile devices

    I'm having ano odd issue when viewing the forums on my phone now. When I go to the page that lists the forum topics, it renders in the right form factor for my phone, but when I tap one of the topics to see the posts the rendering is for a full desktop ui instead of the mobile ui. I'm on an...
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    well past the 24 hour rule - let's get to business, what is the practice schedule?

    When do the guys get back to the field? How many practices will we be able to have before the game? I'm assuming they are already watching film and some assistants might even be collecting film for the next couple of possible opponents...
  12. G updated roster format, and some updated player weights

    check it out here: pretty good update from the older format. interesting to note that Allen has added 20lbs from last years listed weight, and tomlinson has added over 15. It'll be interesting to see if that changes now they play, or if...
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    Number change - Ronnie Clark changing to #5 - position change sticking?

    Guess this means he is going to stick at RB since Cy Jones already has #5 on defense or he's not planning to play at all on defense this year.
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    Trey Depriest observation

    The roster lists him with a three pound gain over last year, but he looks a lot slimmer in the middle to me and he seems he's a step quicker. Anyone else notice this?

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