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    Question on the onside kick

    I learned something. I didn't know the kicking team can't block the receiving team until the ball travels 10 yards. That being the case, I hope we never again see everyone on the front line retreating before the ball is kicked.
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    PICK'EM: [ Week 05 ] 2022 TideFans Pickem Pool [DEADLINE: 11am CT 10/1]

    The Fossil made the first page for Week 4! That's a WIN!! Now the Fossil does a victory lap! Woooo.... Woooo... There! That felt good! OK... A victory stroll...
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    JessN: SEC Preview - Week 3

    I'll almost always pull for the SEC team. That includes Auburn and aTm and LSU when they're playing out of conference. At the end of some season - some day... - it may help Alabama if the SEC is considered to be the strongest conference. That only happens if SEC teams win their...
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    SEC Shorts College Football ER

    Excellent!! One of the best ever IMO!!
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    JessN: Texas wrap-up: D steps up, Young finds a way to bail out Bama

    Good writeup Jess - Thanks! UTx had two freshmen on their DL... and their DL wasn't good last year. I expected the Bama OL to have their way with them. They did... some... but not consistently... and certainly not in passing situations. Lucky to escape with a WIN!
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama vs. Texas...

    "if Colt hadn't gotten hurt..." - I never bought into it! Bama wins that game regardless of UTx QB. "If Quinn hadn't gotten hurt..." - Hate to say it, but I think UTx wins. Congratulations to the team for a great come-from-behind-in-the-last-seconds victory! Special thanks to BY & Will...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Texas, 2nd Half...

    Hate to say it but so far, Texas looks like the better team. And that's ridiculous!! Hopefully the Tide can hold UTx to a field goal this drive, then show up in the 4th quarter.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Texas, 2nd Half...

    I went into this game thinking we'd have a dynamite secondary. Certainly not so far. Hopefully better results in the second half. Also hopefully more disciplined play.
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    ESPN article "If Colt didn't get hurt"

    A Mark Twain quote for Mack Brown... The older I get, the more clearly I remember things that never happened!
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    ***Bama vs Texas Score Prediction***

    Bama 56 UTx 10 I don't see UTx stopping the Bama offense. I likewise don't see UTx scoring very much on Bama's defense. I also see at least two turnovers captured by the defense. Truthfully, I'm skeptical they score 10... But it seems sporting to give 'em 10 just for grins.
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    ESPN article "If Colt didn't get hurt"

    Good read. As for the fake punt story, I think I recall reading that the punter was supposed to throw the ball to a wideout if Texas blitzed... or something like that. Anyway, the wideout was wide open; just a poor throw. When Texas was held to a field goal, I recall thinking at the time that...
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    MDB band not to go to Austin...

    I read somewhere that the Big 12 and Texas always seats the opposing band in the nosebleed section and it's the band's problem to negotiate the stairways and corridors necessary to get to their seating with their instruments, then to the field, then back to their seats. I believe the SEC...
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    Elephant in the Room | 2022 Nissan Heisman House

    Great ad! I think Mayfield could pursue an acting career after football.
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    SEC Shorts: Sam Pittman is the one

    I like it! Clever adaptation of Last Crusade scenario.
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    Saban says no white helmets while he is coach

    I never gave helmet color a thought. Still don't. I'm much more concerned about what's inside the helmets.
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    Alabama Softball pitching coach is now the coach of Memphis

    Best wishes to S. Prothro!! Gotta' go when the opportunity strikes. Poor timing for us though...
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    Video: SEC shorts - auburn's first day of school

    Always enjoy these! Props to all the actors :)
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    SEC Shorts is back!

    Great job as usual!! Several laughs in this one. Gotta' say I liked UGA & Ole Miss
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    Poll: Most difficult regular season game in 2022?

    After voting, I learned about all the injuries to Texas players. I wish them all a fast recovery. I no longer think Texas will be our hardest game...:whistle:
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    Poll: Most difficult regular season game in 2022?

    I'll say Texas. Road game early in the season; and I expect Texas players and fans will be sky-high for this game. Their abysmal season last year could cause folks to check them off as an automatic win... but they've added some good talent. Their DL wasn't good last year and many are back...

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