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  1. 64met

    Selling RV Spot for Homecoming (Arkansas)

    PM me if interested. Super close to campus!
  2. 64met

    Looking for RV Spot for Arkansas Homecoming 2019

    Looking for an RV spot for Arkansas game this season. Please PM if you have one or know of one somebody not using. RTR!
  3. 64met

    13% prefer earth being hit by meteor than either Trump or HRC My bad.. title a bit misleading.
  4. 64met

    Link: Bruce Arians coaching philosophy comes from Coach Bryant

    Sorry, if this isn't correct place to put this. RTR!
  5. 64met

    Link. Alabama QB Jake Coker draws strength from his brother serving his country.

    Thought it was a nice read..
  6. 64met

    Link.. How a freshman WR replaced a Heisman finalist at Alabama (Calvin & Coop) RTR!
  7. 64met

    Link: Obama to rename Mount Mckinley

    Is there an end to the messiah's ego?
  8. 64met

    Anyone familiar with Phoenix AZ area?

    Will be commuting to Phoenix beginning in May. Planning a trip late April to look at areas, but was hopeful someone here can help. I am looking at Desert Ridge area and Deer Valley area for my apartment. Biggest priority is to be near work with short commute. I have mapped both areas and I...
  9. 64met

    Any Photography experts here?

    Just looking for anyone with photography skills/talent and could tell me how to analyze a series of pictures to determine if they have been altered in anyway? It seems most of the searches via Google for this type of software lead me to either paying or uploading said pictures to the net...
  10. 64met

    Looking for one hotel room, 2 double beds LSU Weekend

    It seems every year a TF member is not able to make a trip to T Town for a game. If anyone here has hotel rooms booked that are non-refundable and can't make the trip for LSU weekend, please PM me. Thank you, RTR!!!!
  11. 64met

    So, any TF members download new iOS 7?

    I have not, how about others? If you did, so far how do you like it? RTR!!!!
  12. 64met

    Completely dead first generation iPad….

    Hopeful someone can help. We bought a used Ipad 1 for our elderly Mom. She only uses it to play solitaire and thats it. So, received ipad-great condition, looked 9/10 cosmetically. The ebay 45 day seller protection has passed (by only 5 days). Anyway, this ipad is now a black screen, won't...
  13. 64met

    Severe Weather in T Town Tonight?

    Just received email from UA about possible severe weather in T Town tonight. I have 2 kids at school at UA and live out of state. Can someone local please tell me what's up? I checked weather channel and it appears will be bad after 12 midnight tonight. Thank you
  14. 64met

    Any Networking Experts on Tide Fans?

    My knowledge of networking, routers and such is well, bad. My situation is this: I have a five year old Action Tech (verizon) router; model number MI424. This router apparently doubles as a modem and I am looking to replace it as its become unreliable (tons of resets) and I am really...
  15. 64met

    Bomb Threat on campus.....
  16. 64met

    SIAP.... Nice story about Trent, T Town, Season, etc....

    NCAA College Football Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings, Rumors - College Football - ESPN
  17. 64met

    Can someone help me choose an external bluray drive??

    Big time confused with all the options out there.... But, all I simply need/want is an external Blu Ray drive that allows me to rip bluray drives to my hard drive on my pc. Don't need it to watch movies. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  18. 64met

    FS: Daniel Moore Crimson Legacy

    FS: One artist signature, framed, numbered 6885/7000; Daniel Moore "Crimson Legacy". Print is in excellent condition. Asking $1,000 plus actual ship/insurance charge. PM me if interested. Thxs!
  19. 64met

    Link: Heisman Winner Mark Ingram- Imitates Tiger Woods

    Mark Ingram: Heisman trophy winner, Tiger Woods imitator - Devil Ball Golf - Golf  - Yahoo! Sports

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