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  1. skipster63

    Ennis Rakestraw Offer -DB - 2020 - Duncanville TX

    Late offer for this kid. He looks impressive. Has some upside potential.
  2. skipster63

    Seahawks invite Huskies to scrimmage to prep for Bama
  3. skipster63

    Men's Lacrosse

    Is lacrosse getting any traction in Alabama? I went to see the Aggies play LSU today and it was a great game. I see where there is a club lacrosse team at Bama.
  4. skipster63

    Recruiting the State of Texas

    Interesting read. Interesting also to see the drop off of kids going to Okie and Okie Light. Several dynamics lead to this. Also, more and more kids at TX High schools are going out of state because they cannot get into A&M or UT...
  5. skipster63

    Schools with indoor practice facilities (TX)

    I live in Coppell which is where Bama practiced for the Michigan State game. I just read where 59 schools in the DFW area have indoor practice facilities. Whoa!
  6. skipster63

    Out of state students Would be interesting to see the breakdown. I suspect a ton of kids from Texas go to Alabama. A&M and UT Austin only accept like the top eight percent of students. The top tier in say North Dallas is dominated by...
  7. skipster63

    WR K.J. Hill Decommits From Arkansas Following Official Visit to Alabama

    Visited Bama this weekend.
  8. skipster63

    Is LSU on a downward trend? This was written before yesterday's game and before the DC's confirmed exit to the Aggies. I have several LSU friends who have noted a correlation between LSU and the Saints....that since 2011 there is a...
  9. skipster63

    Sumlin firing everyone seemingly

    He fired his DC. He fired the assistant upon reviewing the hits on the WVA players (rightfully so I might add) and today he fired his pool cleaner who is a sophomore student at A&M for his indiscretion of tweeting out the fact that coach was on the phone hopefully hiring a new DC while he was...
  10. skipster63

    *** OL Matt Womack Commits to Alabama ***

    Flips to the Tide from LSU per his Twitter.
  11. skipster63

    Barry Alvarez's Son microwaves a Parrot You have to be one sicko and mean kid to do this. I just noticed that is a really old article.
  12. skipster63

    Bo Pelini Fired

    @huskers is reporting on Twitter. I think they will have a hard time no matter who is coaching. Presser coming at 1 pm.
  13. skipster63

    Sumlin fires DC Snyder at Texas A&M

    Multiple media outlets stating this. Think everyone saw this coming. Muschamp maybe as replacement?
  14. skipster63

    LSU vs. Texas A&M

    Happy thanksgiving to all. Go Aggies since my wife is one.
  15. skipster63

    New Texans Coach

    Texans hiring Bill O'Brien. Misread the ESPN quote.
  16. skipster63

    HUNH and it's impact on recruiting

    Would like to see thoughts on this. To me, there is now a premium on defensive in those top 25 players that can be difference makers and can dominate their opponent.
  17. skipster63

    If we were in 2014 - consider the match ups

    We would be playing Auburn possibly in the semi finals. Next year will certainly be interesting though there will be a bias against any SEC team that has not won the SEC championship for sure. FSU vs Stanford in semis as well
  18. skipster63

    Where things stand on 1/30...

    With Jackson's commitment, looks like we will flesh out the remainder on NSD so now the likely drought or waiting game begins. least there will be some drama this year with NSD. Kamara, Liner and possibly Reed will hopefully come on board on NSD. I hear we may have one more...
  19. skipster63

    Seeking enlightenment on what an offer means to a recruit

    I hear sometimes.....well this guy has a commitable offer. Others...just an offer. Like I hear 2014 players say they have an offer from CNS. Then I see tweets from others asking about the nature of the offer. I saw one tweet from someone at the AJC that suggested offers to Juniors are not...
  20. skipster63

    WR Eldridge Massington Commits to UCLA

    This kid is taking a visit. Makes me wonder if we know we are missing out on Foster. Seems like a good pickup but is rehabbing a knee injury. There is an article on on him. 4* and previous USCw commit but wants to be an early enrollee.

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