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  1. BamaMoon

    Koolaid? Who's this kid?

    I mainly use Twitter to follow Bama football and other sports, but last night there were several tweets about a guy who goes by the nickname "Koolaid." I tried to do a forum search about him but didn't get a hit. From the tweets it looks like he's a 2 sport star in basketball and football. So...
  2. BamaMoon

    Ranking Bama QBs under CNS (playing with 2019 offensive system)

    Let's see: QBs under CNS at Bama: John Parker Wilson, GMac, AJM, Blake Sims, Jake Coker, Jalen Hurts, Tua and (let's include) Mac Jones. Now, RATE THEM BASED ON THE ASSUMPTION THEY PLAYED IN LAST YEAR'S OFFENSE (offensive philosophy and receivers): Here's mine: 1. Tua - assuming he'll make...
  3. BamaMoon

    Tennessee Recruiting

    They've got commitments from two 5 star linebackers recently. Looks like JP is going to build a defense. I still wish him well...just not well enough to beat Bama!
  4. BamaMoon

    Haha to the Cowboys

    Local news here reporting. Glad to see another Bama boy out here!
  5. BamaMoon

    Spring Practice Predictions

    Practice starts Friday. It'll be good to have some on-field, Bama football news again that will end with a Bama victory. What are your predictions other than some eating beans and others eating steak? What returning players are you expecting to make a move? What new players?
  6. BamaMoon

    Let's Do This: 2020 QB Discussion

    I thought it would be good to have a centralized place to knock this around. We (kinda) know what we have in Mack. Lia and Tysen have some time in the program. Bryce Young is the new young buck with crazy potential. How does it unfold???
  7. BamaMoon

    Looking Ahead to the 2020 Regular Season Schedule

    Since we are already turning the page, practically speaking, here's a look at the 2020 schedule. One thing is for sure, we won't get accused of not playing anybody next year with a better opener at Jerry World against USC, Georgia at home in week 3, and Texas AM coming the week before Auburn...
  8. BamaMoon

    Excited about the Future, but We'll Need Some Patience!

    Finally got the time to watch some Bama B-ball. Saw both games against UNC and Iowa St. Whew! I need to start working out just to keep up. I like the offensive philosophy I'm seeing but we'll just have to endure some tough games this year until the roster improves. As of now, seems like...
  9. BamaMoon

    Y'all Ready to Talk Bama/Barn???

    I don't think we need 24 hours to celebrate today. It's time to get ready! Let's talk it out. I hope CNS employs a little emotion this week. The team's been thru a tough couple of weeks so I hope we can tap into some of that. We don't always play with much of it against the Barn, but this game...
  10. BamaMoon

    Recommendations for a 1st Time Visit to College Station

    Probably not the best place to ask, but I'm not a member on rival boards. For those of you who have gone to College Station, what are your thoughts? FWIW, I'm just there for the day...driving down early and coming back after the butt whipping. Saturday's weather looks perfect. Sunny and high...
  11. BamaMoon

    Are We Witnessing a Fundamental Shift in Football (Offense and Defense Style)

    I realize we have a generational player in Tua. I am completely amazed at his amazing throwing accuracy (which will make him millions in just a few months if he stays healthy). I also realize that we'll have a drop off next year and, if we are being completely honest, we may never see another QB...
  12. BamaMoon

    What's the Plan for Taulia this year?

    I was just a tad surprised Lia played at all in our first game. I thought MJ would get all the fourth quarter reps. At any rate, what's the scuttlebutt on Lia's involvement this year? Just 4 games and preserve the shirt? Or, does he get involved more than we think? Edit: This question assumes...
  13. BamaMoon

    First Offensive Play Against Duke?

    I haven't seen anybody start this thread. Don't know about y'all but I'm ready to think positively about play #1. What's it going to be??? I'll go first: Tua throws a screen pass or pass to the flats to Jerome Ford or whoever starts at RB.
  14. BamaMoon

    First Play Against Duke???

    Meant to post to Football board. Mods please delete.
  15. BamaMoon

    Bama Teams on the 9's - (79, 89, 99, 2009, 2019)

    No much Bama football news to discuss (which is probably a good thing this time of the year), so I got to thinking about this years team and how every year ending in a 9 since 1979 we've had some pretty good teams. 1979 - 12-0 (Coach Bryant's last NC team, beat AK in Sugar for NC) AP #1 1989 -...
  16. BamaMoon

    What Happens in June and July in the Program?

    I know some of the guys take classes and some probably don't. Are players "required" to be in T-town for workouts for the summer? Basically, what are they doing during the next couple of months before fall camp in August???
  17. BamaMoon

    Bama Wins/Losses in 2019 Regular Season

    What you got? Aug. 31: Duke (ATL) Sept. 7: New Mexico State @ BDS Sept. 14: @ USCe Sept. 21: Southern Miss @ BDS Sept. 28: Ole Miss @ BDS Oct. 12: @ TAMU Oct. 19: UT @ BDS Oct. 26: Piggies @ BDS Nov. 9: LSU @ BDS Nov. 16: @ MSU Nov. 23: Western Carolina @ BDS Nov. 30: @ the Barn I think the...
  18. BamaMoon

    Will Blazer's Comments Get Any Traction (about Bama football)?

  19. BamaMoon

    What About Those Auburn Tigers?

    Man, I've been impressed with their play since the SECT. I've got to admit they are playing a brand a basketball that I hope will see in Tuscaloosa when CNO gets it going. Shoot, I'm so impressed I'm just going to say it: WAR EAGLE! aPRIL fOOLS! :biggrin:
  20. BamaMoon

    Off-Season QB Thread (Tua and the #2)

    For the first time in several years, we don't have any questions about the starter going into the off-season. The only question regarding Tua is how the change of coordinator will affect his growth and his ability to make better post-snap reads. Feel free to discuss this. The bigger question...

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