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    The Coming of Taulia

    The AJC apparently is shutting down SEC Country. Chris Kirschner has done a terrific job covering UA football. If this is his last big piece, it’s a good one. Enjoy.
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    2020 linebacker Jackson Bratton commits to Alabama

    Top instate linebacker in his class. Welcome, young man of The Shoals. Here.
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    2018 Quarterback recruiting from AJC

    Follow-up on the visit from Justin Fields, the top-rated QB and No. 1 overall recruit in the 2018 Class. Upshot: Folks close to the program say Fields does not want to compete against our young incumbents. Writer says we're still after Emory Jones, who repeatedly has thumbed his nose at TOSU's...
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    AJC: Mostly likely to be Alabama's next commitment

    Some repeat names; some new ones.
  5. C 15 top Tide targets for 2017-18

    It's been awfully quiet in recruiting. Maybe this will loosen things up. Here.
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    Yahoo: Tim Williams admits failing multiple drug tests at UA

    Another negative headline from the Combine. Why was he not suspended? Link
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    The Brothers Tagovailoa

    Big Bros' coach says Tua is more advanced than Mariota at this point. Here Meanwhile, little brother will break all Tua's records and can't wait to join him in Tuscaloosa. Here Two Enjoy.
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    Updated recruiting projections from the AJC

    Three months to go, true, but I think this guy does his homework. How does his list stack up against our insiders'? Here you go.
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    AJC's updated recruiting prediction for Alabama

    Writer says we likely won't catch tOSU for the top spot. But here's his updated projections on whom we land. Here.
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    Former Tide Target Back in Play after Michigan coaches misspell his name

    Great school in Ann Arbor, true. But everybody needs an editor. Wonder how Genius Jim handled this one? Punch.
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    2018 QB Jack West commits to Stanford

    Our purported top target decides on a Stanford degree and what it will mean for his future political career. AJC reviews possible replacements.
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    **** #2 JUCO OT Elliot Baker SIGNS LOI with Alabama ****

    Charles Baldwin does not work out. Elliot Baker likely will. The Western migration continues. Link Profile
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    2017 Targets, per

    Early rundown from some of the kids we're after for the upcoming class. Some of the names are familiar; some not so much. I learned some things. At the moment, the top prospect on the list for 247sports says we lead, and we have a commitment from No. 6. There are two other Top 10 kids with...
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    WR Tyler Simmons Flips, Signs With Georgia

    Several boards reporting it. More about our latest here.
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    2017 Prospect: DL Aaron Sterlng Updates

    Not familiar with the young man, but welcome aboard for 2017. Here
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    ESPN's Maisel on Alabama's Staying Power

    Context is a wonderful thing. Enjoy.
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    ATH Mecole Hardman Signs With Georgia

    Georgia kid who was blown away by his visit for LSU game and is particularly tight with Pruitt. Here
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    The pervasiveness of student athletic fees

    Very good read from the Washington Post on the money collected from students from athletic department. As the story points out, we are one of the schools who either dropped the fee or never had one to begin with. Auburn, on the other hand, is on the other end of the economic spectrum. The...
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    The Georgia job and implications on recruiting

    For all the talk of CLM's status, we appear to be going head to head for far more high-profile players with UGA. If they whiff on their hire, we potentially can clean up with kids like McBride, Hardman, Brown, Warrior, maybe even Robertson. If they hire Kirby, how many losses might we accrue...
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    Scarbinsky: Alabama shows the country how to schedule "like a champion."

    Good read by a guy who, in my opinion, doesn't get near the credit he deserves for calling 'em like he sees 'em. This one is particularly on point.

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