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  1. MOAN

    North Carolina Tight End Transferring To Bama
  2. MOAN

    Question: Do coaches scout officiating crews before games?

    Wouldn't ask if I knew, but do coaching staffs scout officiating crews for tendencies in how they call games before an upcoming game? Or do they know which officiating crew in advance enough before a game to accommodate doing so? Seems to me that it would be in a teams best interest to do so...
  3. MOAN

    Quinn Nordin, #1 kicker 2016

    Quinn Nordin, the No. 1 kicker in the 2016 class, has de-committed from Penn State. Alabama is mentioned as possibly in contention.
  4. MOAN

    Ohio Here I Come!!!

    Ya'll want me to bring Braxton Miller back with me or not? ;) Headed out in the morning with the wife and my mom to Port Clinton on Lake Erie. My mom was raised and graduated in Woodville Ohio near Toledo, (although born in Boaz before moving back to Alabama), and I am escorting her for her...
  5. MOAN

    Are coaches Saban and Smart outsmarting themselves on defense?

    Haven't read all the comments since last night, been in mourning as most Bama fans have, but I have been thinking, recalling the past several years and comparing those Bama teams to this one. Did this team underachieve or just a product of coach Saban and coach Smart outwitting themselves? That...
  6. MOAN

    Is there such a thing as having too much talent on your team?

    I know how crazy that sounds but could having so many talented players that you try to get them all involved, actually be hurting the team as a whole? I mean you have these players going in for this situation and then another set of players going in for the next situation, but never really...
  7. MOAN

    CB Montrell Custis Signs With Ole Miss (Update: Page 3)

    Montrell Custis not Contrell Curtis lol! Someone please fix! Man that some good....:)
  8. MOAN

    James Mosley, (C.J.'s brother) Will Walk-On At Alabama
  9. MOAN

    Question: Who you got in the Top 4 for this years playoff?

    1) Florida State - No way they do not go undefeated in that laughter of a conference. 2) Bama - You did not think I was gonna leave Bama out did you? ;) Gonna have to win the SEC to get in though. 3) Oklahoma - Sure looked better in the Sugar bowl and against Oklahoma State at the end of the...
  10. MOAN

    Could Special teams win Bama our third in a row this year?

    Special teams is one of the third phases of the game along with Offense and Defense as we all know. In the past we have very well documented championships that we would not have won without the suffocating defenses we put on the field, '92 and '11 comes to mind off the top of my head. Last...
  11. MOAN

    CNN's chief medical correspondent changes mind about Marijuana, aplogizes!

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta is CNN's chief medical correspondent who at one time was against Marijuana as a medicinal option for those it could benefit that has since changed his mind and apologized for his part in the propaganda against Marijuana...
  12. MOAN

    As a 40 year plus Bama fan I feel I am living a dream!

    I can remember back to Scott Hunter playing QB for Bama and Archie Manning playing for Ole Miss and that epic night game showdown in 1969. I was 7 years old and it was the fall after Neil Armstrong made the initial man on the moon walk. I was in the Los Angeles California area at my aunts home...
  13. MOAN

    Does God have a need to be worshiped?

    Does God have a need to be worshiped? If so why? What does he have to gain from it? What does he need from us? Is he going to get his feelings hurt if we don't? Why would he even care? I have done many good things in my life that I never wanted praised for. I have done things that I am...
  14. MOAN

    UFO Disclosure Witness Testimony proof we are being visited!

    Figured this deserved its own thread. ;) Are these people lying making this up? You be the judge! :) Retired Col. Ross Dedrickson USAF - UFO saucers over D.C. July 1952. USAF Lieutenant retired, Professor Robert Jacobs -...
  15. MOAN

    SOS Rankings Comparison

    Yes I got to much time on my hands lol! I was in a discussion with a Notre Dame fan,(FriendlyIrish), on another thread, ,and he brought up Jeff Sagarins strength of schedule rankings...
  16. MOAN

    Billionaire Club Conference

    Ok folks this is just for fun. I am dreaming here a bit killing time till you know what, so no need in telling me how this will never happen. I know! ;) What if the all time winning college football teams broke away from the NCAA and created their own league or conference? For this exercise I...
  17. MOAN

    No way SEC loses streak of BCS conference championship games to another conference!

    No matter whether Bama wins or loses against Notre Dame, Notre Dame is not in a conference. It goes to another year at least before another conference will beat the SEC! ;) If Notre Dame wins which conference is going to proclaim victory over the SEC? :conf2: Lets see the talking heads figure...
  18. MOAN

    Beat Alabama Win A Heisman!

    Well not always but its been kind of a trend lately! :) Tebow, Cam now Johnny Football! Why? Well just shows what coach Saban has accomplished here! Beat Bama and you have done something! The only team that does not envy Notre Dame is Alabama! Would Johnny Manzell have won the Heisman if Texas...
  19. MOAN

    I'm Drunk On The Crimson Kool-Aid Again!

    Can you say repeat? Bama will win the national championship again for 2012! Remember folks Bama doesn't have to be as good as the '11, or '09 champions to win it again next season! Case in point! Auburn '10! Just need to be good and have the breaks fall our way as it did for Auburn in '10. Not...
  20. MOAN

    BCS, Bama haters be careful what you wish for in a + 1

    If the BCS goes to a 4 team playoff as they are in discussions now the chances of Bama and the SEC winning championships just goes up! Even in years where Bama is reloading like next year and may drop a game or two, by years end Bama very well could be in the top 4. And you know with Coach...

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