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  1. We_are_Bama

    Anyone seen commemorative coke can for the 2020 title?

    Curiously, I have yet to come across coke cans for the 2020 national championship. Has anyone else seen anything like this in stores yet? In the past, the National Championship Cokes were usually out by February
  2. We_are_Bama

    Rationed Health Care?

    Please tell me none of you here who are older have experienced this! Before Covid or after. This is unacceptable! The last statement in that Tweet was gut wrenching to read.
  3. We_are_Bama

    Calling customer service is a waste of time

    First off, no offense to anyone on here who may work in customer service. This is about my bad experiences with contacting customer service via 1-800 numbers. Every time I call a 1-800 customer service number, I go ahead and brace myself for frustration to the nth degree. I know that chances...
  4. We_are_Bama

    The real down side of the Iron Bowl

    I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the rivalry with auburn and if it is even worth it anymore. I had a long talk with the mother of a former friend of mine last night. She and her oldest daughter (my former friend) are big time auburn fans. Her youngest daughter (who I only met...
  5. We_are_Bama

    I was recently reminded of something I had completely forgotten about. Burning CDs!

    Remember when everybody and their brother was "burning cds"? Personally, I never saw what the big deal was. It seems like it's been a decade plus since I had heard that term. That is until one day last week. A woman at work asked me if I knew anything about how to burn cds. It took me a moment...
  6. We_are_Bama

    Interesting thread from 2008 on how Missouri would fare in the SEC

    From time to time, I will go WAY back and read old threads just to see how much things have changed over time. I came across one in particular about Missouri and how they would fare in the SEC. They were undefeated at the time, which was of course, during the 2008 season. The thread starter...
  7. We_are_Bama

    Are employers legally bound to allow you time off for doctor's appointments?

    In the state of Alabama, does the employee have any recourse is the employer forbids them from being away from work to see a doctor? My employer is being highly unreasonable in not allowing me to miss as little as two hours for a doctor's appointment. Now, it's too late to cancel the appointment...
  8. We_are_Bama

    Could technology ultimately end college athletics?

    I had never thought of it this way, but with the way technology keeps going, it could end the traditional on campus experience once and for all. And if that happens, what becomes of college sports? Further down in the article, it discusses the technology aspect. The first part talks about the...
  9. We_are_Bama

    When it comes to layoffs/cutbacks, does seniority no longer matter?

    I know that every employer is different, but I was under the impression that, at least to some degree, employers still had to follow protocol with regard to seniority when it comes to "belt tightening" time. My employer kicked off this week with a gloom and doom meeting about how we have too...
  10. We_are_Bama

    Prayers for me-I'm scared, alone, and worried

    Hello. Please pray for me as I am at a VERY low point in my life. I feel so alone, like I'm the last person left on the planet kind of alone. It's scary to say the least. I'm actually terrified at this moment, as I type this, my hands are shaking. I need prayers. Thank you so much.
  11. We_are_Bama

    1 point safety in the Fiesta Bowl last night?

    I saw most of the game last night, but as luck would have it, I wasn't watching when the play occurred that resulted in an unheard of 1 point safety. So, how exactly did Oregon pull that off?
  12. We_are_Bama

    Potentially bad news regarding CBS and Charter Communications

    I don't know how many on here have Charter or are aware of this, but the CBS affiliate in Birmingham (WIAT 42) is dangerously close to blacking out this Thursday at 4:00pm. It has to do with some sort of agreement between Charter and CBS. They have been running a crawler on CBS 42 for some time...
  13. We_are_Bama

    jonsol: Miami announces self-imposed postseason ban again. Georgia Tech to play FSU Has a program ever self imposed two seasons in a row?
  14. We_are_Bama

    A comparative look at Shula and Chizik

    As much grief as the barners gave us during the Shula years, I think it is safe to say that at no point in time were things ever as bad under Shula as they are presently under Chizik. Case in point. Mike Shula came in and took over in the month of June, a mere three months before the season...
  15. We_are_Bama

    I passed on both of my high school reunions. Did I really miss anything?

    I skipped my 10 year reunion back in 2002. My 20 year reunion was about a month or so ago. Mid-late August. Back at the time of my 10 year reunion, there was no question in my mind that I was not going to it. When I first heard that my 20 year reunion was coming up, I gave it a lot more thought...
  16. We_are_Bama

    Jim McElwain’s coaching debut a success as Colorado State rallies past Colorado 22-17

    Not too shabby for our former OC. [/FONT][/COLOR]
  17. We_are_Bama

    Tuscaloosa schools no longer have Labor Day off?

    Someone who has kids in Tuscaloosa county schools told me that they could not go to the Bama-Michigan game because their kids have school that Monday. I really couldn't believe what I heard so I looked it up, and it's true! When did schools start nixing holidays? That draws a huge vacuum...
  18. We_are_Bama

    Bama-LSU part 3 Wednesday night!

    How weird is it that we play LSU two nights after beating them in football for the BCS National Title? Their basketball team doesn't look too shabby. They beat Marquette who was ranked number 10 at the time, and they blew out Ole Miss to open conference play. They should give us a closer game...
  19. We_are_Bama

    Who is this Rachel Baribeau?

    Okay, I must be missing something here. Yesterday, someone asked me if I listened to the new Birmingham Sports station, 97.3 FM the Zone. I replied yes, I did. Then they asked if I was aware that THE Rachel Baribeau was now on that station in the afternoon. I had no idea who Rachel Baribeau was...
  20. We_are_Bama

    BayouTider, this was for you!!!

    Rich, we love you!! We miss you!! Today, Bama did it FOR YOU!! 11/26/11 ALABAMA 42 @*U 14 Thanks for everything, Rich!! Forever the Tide Fan!!!

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