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    Georgia - Ohio State (who would you want to win)

    It seems pretty clear to me at this point that these are the two best teams in college football. I don't see anyone on their remaining schedules or in the playoff beating them. I have 2 questions: 1. Who do you think would win? 2. Who would you want to win? My answer is that I think Georgia...
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    Rivals rankings 2024

    So Rivals just came out with the 2024 250 rankings. They have Jaylen Mbakwe at 177. On3 has him at #5. Perry Thompson is not ranked. I am convinced they have no clue.
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    Brandon Miller - Best Bama recruit ever?

    This guy just oozes talent. 6"9" and so smooth. If he hits 3 point shots, he will be nearly impossible to defend because he has such a great mid range game and can play above the rim. Watch the block from the scrimmage the other day. He just has so much potential. I have not been this...
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    Hope for next year

    In my opinion next year's team could be pretty special if some guys return. I think we need for Harris to stay along with Battle and the defense could be killer. Hopefully Moore will be healthy as well. Branch and Hellams are studs. We are adding a potential All-American in Ricks at CB and...
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    Trey Sanders - Long road to recovery

    I never knew how badly he was injured in that accident. All I knew was that the kid had missed two seasons and that I felt really bad for him. I would imagine I was not the only Bama fan smiling when he scored his touchdown...
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    Christopher Allen injury and its effect on the defense

    I realize Will Anderson gets the most of the pub but I thought Allen looked like a stud before that injury. His loss will be huge for this defense. His backups (Sanders, Braswell, Turner, etc.) are not at his level. Opposing teams had to worry about a pass rush from both sides. I think that...
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    2023 Recruiting - state of Alabama

    Rivals put out the 2023 rankings. I only looked at cornerback, safety, weakside defensive end and strongside defensive end. Holy cow. The state of Alabama has 3 of the top 4 cornerbacks along with numbers 20 and 23, 2 safeties in the top 6 in the nation, 2 of the top 6 weakside ends and 3 of...
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    George Pickens with torn ACL

    Bad news for Georgia and their offense in 2021.
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    Who wins more national championships in the next 10 years.

    I was looking at 2022 recruiting yesterday and Ohio State seems to be lighting it up so say the least. I think they have 10 guys already and 3 are 5 stars. If I gave you Ohio State, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma and Alabama, who wins the most in that 10 year span? I would put my money on Ohio...
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    2021 Starting Lineup

    My best guess on 2021 starters QB - Young RB - B.Robinson/Sanders/Mclellan/K.Robinson WR1 - Metchie WR2 - Bolden/X.Williams WR3 - Brooks, Leary or Earle TE - Billingsley OL1 - Neal OL2 - Ekiyor OL3 - Latham OL4 - George OL5 - Dalcourt DT - Smith/Dale DE1 - Mathis DE2 - Eboigbe/Young OLB1 -...
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    Should Mac Jones stay?

    Before you blast me hear me out. I don't think this is so cut and dry. As of now, best case scenario is that Mac would be the 5th QB taken and would probably not be in the top 15. If he stayed one more year, he competes next year with Sam Howell, Spencer Rattler, Bo Nix, Kedon Slovis and...
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    Dabo had Ohio State at 11 in his final coaches poll

    Maybe some locker room material for Ohio State. Although I don't think it matters. Clemson will handle them easily.
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    Next years running backs

    So we are not recruiting any running backs for 2021. Which tells me that Coach Saban must be confident that Brian Robinson and Keilan Robinson are returning and that Sanders will be ok from injury caused by the car crash with his brother. What if neither Robinson returns and Sanders is not...
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    Kevin Harris in transfer portal
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    Most impactful recruits next year?

    Can't get enough Bama football talk. So my best guesses are Brockermeyer and Latham end up starting due to losses on the OL. Brooks and Leary also will play quite a bit due to losses at WR. Who else will get to play? Any surprises - like one of the low 4 stars or high 3 stars that could...
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    Next years running backs

    So I mistakenly thought that Trey Sanders would be fighting for carries with Robinson, Jr. this year. He came to Bama so highly ranked. Curious how much that injury set him back. So, when we lose both Harris and Robinson, Jr. at the end of this year, who is going to step up? I can't actually...
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    Most wanted remaining prospect

    Too slow on the recruiting front right now so I thought I would ask this question. Who do you want the most of the remaining guys out there? Do you think any of these guys would be contributors next season? 1. McKinstry 2. Arnold 3. Sorey 4. Thomas, Jr. 5. Tuimoloau 6. Adeleye
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    Javon Baker Has Speed

    Not sure who all ran but a pretty good sign of things to come................
  19. J

    Sark - Colorado opening (He's Staying at Bama)
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    2021 Recruiting question

    2020 recruiting in the books. I think Bama got the best group of running backs, linebackers and QB. What are the glaring needs for 2021? Off the top of my head I would say wide receiver, tight end and d-tackle. Am I wrong? Other positions more pressing?

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