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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…. USU Aggie style-

    The Good: Our defense, 1 team Offense The Bad: OL, Int, and the Blocked Punt The Ugly: SEC Network Commentators.
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    Why Moody transferred then?
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    Is it too early for this? Who comes back and who turns pro?

    John Metchie, JAD and Slade Bolden will not improve much and it's good for them to move away. Jahleel Bilingsley actually became a lot worse. Jalen Moody should have more playtime if he stays.
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    What are Alabama's Injury Updates leading up to the Title Game?

    Agreed, plus called Bryce's illegal forward pass while he is clearly not beyond the line.
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    John Metchie Injury Updates

    In case no one posted:
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    Let's talk about coordinators

    Both Sark and Lane are NFL headcoaches. It really depends on the person.
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    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly… Aggies style:

    Good: No major injuries. And we still control our destiny. Bad: Jimbo said he will kick Saban's ass, and he did. Ugly: O'brien competes with Golding who wants to be fired first.
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    Why we use Jameson Williams to return Kickoff

    First, that is a typical slippery slope. Second, I'd love to know your reaction last year when we lost Waddle. Mike Shula left Tyrone Protho in the game for a meaningless play and caused both him and Tyrone's career at Alabama. Eddie Jackson's loss may cost us a national champion. Ask Jameson...
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    Why we use Jameson Williams to return Kickoff

    Last year we lost Waddle in the middle of the season. Every Smitty's return later gave me a heart attack. I like Jameson's versatility. Yet do we have to put our No.1 receiver into this dangerous situation?
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    Best play from every year of the Saban Era

    I'd vote Rashad Johnson's endzone int vs LSU for 2008.
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    Bryant-Saban Stadium (Proposed Name)

    Either Nick Saban Field. Or rename the University Blvd to Nick Saban Blvd.
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    What are some games that Alabama was lucky or very fortunate to win?

    Not to name all close games and try to select only from CNS's era besides the obvious choices we've already mentioned: 2010 Arkansas game: Ryan Mallet was largely unstoppable until the second half. We trail behind 7:20 at a point. And Dre picked off late to seal the 24:20 win. McElroy remains...
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    Spring Practice Thread

    If I remember correctly, CNS is pretty accurate when commenting on players' progress. What I am trying to say is, Paul Tyson, Jalen Milroe and other QBs might also be good and even BY is phenomenal (4TDs), he is just "A little bit“ ahead:)
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    Harsin just dubbed us “the team up North”

    He will soon learn how to complete the sentence in the right way: The team up north. AKA: iron bowl winner.
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    Has Tua joined the celebration party yesterday?

    I saw pictures of Kiffin and many Bama players (Julio, Ruggs, McKinney celebrating together). I saw many other players flew to Miami or tweeted celebration pics. Any idea why Tua was not there?
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    Injury Update on LaBryan Ray

    I might be mean. LaBryan clearly just wants the NFL draft instead of playing for us.
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    News Article: AP All-American Team (6 Bama Players on 1st Team)

    I nominate Metchie the blind side tackler to knock the soul out of this 3rd team All American.
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    Najee looks sad

    My take is both waddle's injury and TD taken away made him sad. Najee asked refs to review the TD. Mac realized the unsettled defense and called the sneak. He was clearly frustrated and stepped away. Saban told him to calm down and think from the team's perspective. Then Robinson was in for the...
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    When shall we let Pete Golding go?

    I know it's a coach's call and I have nothing whatsoever about the final outcome of the decision. Yet this defense for the last 2 years or so gave me all the heart attacks and consistently performed below the Bama level. Last week was all turmoils. CNS got COVID and we gotta a big game ahead...
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    Do you think Ole Miss was really stealing defensive play signals?

    As a former OC, why Kiffin not stealing our offense call signals? The statement plus Dylan Moses's comment postgame made me really frustrated: 1. Mistackles, No pressure from DL, almost no blitz, etc. can't be explained by signal stealing. 2. We won the game, move on and prepare for Georgia...

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