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    Link: ut escapes further sanctions; Pearl not so lucky

    I think 3 years for BP is a little steep. he committed NO serious actual recruiting violations. i realize the show-cause is for the lying and the cover-up, and not so much for the infractions themselves, but 3 years is a bit much, at least in my opinion
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    Bayoutider 03/02/1947 - 08/06/2011

    RIP Rich, and prayers the the family. As an opposing fan on here through a time when the hatred between the schools may have never been higher, Bayou stood up for me on many occasions, even when posting against fellow Tide Fans. May God Bless you and your family.
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    Devastating Tornado Damage in Tuscaloosa

    Just saw a real scary video from T'town on the Knoxville news here...Prayers are coming your way...
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    ESPN and Sports Illustrated at War over Cam

    Again, I'm not saying that no more will come out on Cam...All I'm saying is that ESPN broke this story, and it holds a big stake for its reporters to be correct...
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    ESPN and Sports Illustrated at War over Cam

    I'm not disgreeing...Cam may or may not have known...we may never know for certain outside of point was Schad ran with that alleged quote from an anonymous, and nothing has come out other than that one quote indicated Cam was directly involved...What I was getting at is ESPN...
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    ESPN and Sports Illustrated at War over Cam

    The SMU thing had nothing to do with lashing out at SI... That said, ESPN has a big stake in this thing, which is why I have a problem with the power ESPN has gained over the last few years...It was their reporters who broke the story, including quotes from Joe Schad that Cam stated to MSU...
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    Question: Are schools fed up with NCAA in relation to Camgate

    I do think it's ironic, if not comical, that MSU may end up the one in trouble for trying to get AU in trouble bc they were mad they didn't get Cam.
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    Question: Are schools fed up with NCAA in relation to Camgate

    So, just to be are saying that if a kid, any kid, not just Cam, has no knowledge that this stuff is going on AND there is nothing that links his current university to any wrongdoing, then the kid should still have his college career ruined? How in the world is that fair to the kid...
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    Question: Are schools fed up with NCAA in relation to Camgate

    So, if a kid is getting shopped...there is no evidence that he was involved, and there is no evidence that the school he is currently at did any wrongdoing, why should he not play??? I actually applaud the NCAA for not completely screwing over the kid for once...i usually hate the NCAA for...
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    Someone did something to the Bear statue

    LOL...I love rivalry weeks I remember one year in HS, our rivals planted a tree on our 50-yard line the night before the game
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    Question: Crazy ending to the season and the BCS standings?

    K-State beat OU one year ('03 maybe?), and OU went...ALso, IIRC, Nebraska didn't even go to their conference title game in 2001 when they played Miami for the NC
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    Random question: Centre, AL Voting

    Ah...thanks...that makes sense now...When I say "Dry," it never even crossed my mind to be discussing alcohol...with all the water around there, I thought it had something to do with water supply, the lake, etc Thanks for the response
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    Random question: Centre, AL Voting

    So, i was in Centre, AL on some business, and in almost every yard, there was either a green "vote YES" sign or a red "Vote NO, keep us dry," (or something along those lines) For those that live there or near there (or if you just know what's going on), just wondering what was on the ballot...
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    News Article: Tide could face four idle-rested SEC opponents in 2011

    Is the Bye-Week Advantage a Myth? -
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    Who's going to Knoxville this week?

    FYI, there is a church parking lot at the corner of Henley St and Cumberland Ave (the strip) where alot of opposing fans as well as UT fans tailgate...With a 7:00 game, it will fill up by about 11:00 am. It's $20-$25 and is about a 10 minute walk to the stadium...I tailgated there for years and...
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    Link: ESPN Joe Schad: Tuberville 'very interested' in Tech job

    Tubby didn't have top-notch talent...He had some very good players, especially at RB, but IMO, he never had top-notch, and the SEC is better than the Big 12 Also, even if he got TX and OU's rejects, there's still enough talent in that state to put together a good football team...Like I said...
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    Link: ESPN Joe Schad: Tuberville 'very interested' in Tech job

    I know y'all don't like AU, but Tubby is a very good coach...That's probably a good job for him, as it's alot like AU in the SEC...He can get enough talent there to compete for conference titles every 3-4 years, but they're not going to get to NC level...I think he would do a good job there JMO
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    Link: E-mails in Support of Mike Leach

    Maybe Craig James just assumed there would be a slush fund for the players like there was for his teams at SMU, and when it turned out there wasn't, he got mad ;)
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    Question: Knuckle bump or high five?

    If they fan sitting next to year is a looker, then just go for the smooch...Hey, everybody's excited, she won't care :biggrin:
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    Craig James Interview

    I think James' son is not happy at TT and TT is looking for a reason to fire Leach and I didn't buy James' interview for a second...I like James but I think he's gonna come out on the bad end of this...I think his son probably gave him some exaggerated info, but now James has to see it...

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