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  1. CraigD

    Under Armour game highlights / news

    Fegans makes two plays
  2. CraigD

    Question: is there any way to get a swinging elephant golf shirt now?

    I’d like to get one of the swinging elephant golf shirts. I found the link for the booster club, but not sure it’s still available (looks like it isn’t). Let me know if you know for sure.
  3. CraigD

    Question: What does the college football “territory map” look like these days?

    I’m going to see if I can locate it. It has to be a very Crimson colored map
  4. CraigD

    (only because it's off-season) Check out this cool bit of memorabilia I was just given (1973 Cotton Bowl "Press Guide")

    A lawyer friend of mine was cleaning out his office (along with that of his partner) and came across this in his one of his partner's files. They're both Georgia fans, but apparently the partner was invited to the 1973 Cotton Bowl. He stuck this in a file and hasn't touched it since (48...
  5. CraigD

    2022 Basketball Recruiting thread

    2022 Commitments: updated 11/11/2021, ordered by national rank Brandon Miller - 5* (National #11) - SF (signed) Jaden Bradley - 5* (National #18) - PG (signed) Noah Clowney - 4* (National #62) - PF (signed) Rylan Griffen - 4* (National #71) - SG (signed) Nick Pringle - 4* (JUCO #2) - PF...
  6. CraigD

    2021 Prospect: WR J’Kolbe Bulock announces his commitment to Bama via Twitter

    6’3” 175 pound WR, 3-star. Roll Tide, and welcome aboard, J’Kolbe!
  7. CraigD

    Mullen’s logic when he went for two...

    If I remember correctly, UF was down by 14 and they scored a TD. Now down by 8, extra point pending. Why go for two? If you miss it you’re down by 8 and you’re forced to go for two if you score another touchdown, with a tie/loss on the line instead of a win. Seems like you go for the point...
  8. CraigD

    Should we feel righteous and superior or mad at Sankey?

    I’m struggling with what I’m supposed to feel right now. The SEC played games yesterday. Alabama may have lost the leading tackler on the team, Florida probably lost all chances of the playoff, and Kyle Trask’s Heisman campaign took a serious hit. (on a positive note, Ed Orgeron probably fended...
  9. CraigD

    The play where the LSU receiver dropped the ball before entering the end zone...

    I’ve seen so many posts and comments about display I thought it deserved it own thread. The receiver clearly dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. There seems to be no doubt about that. What a bonehead move! The ball did not go out of bounds but took an odd kick to the right and...
  10. CraigD

    Link: Bad, bad headline and article for LSU (USA Today)

    I always had a bad feeling about Guice. Article info below: LSU mishandled sexual misconduct complaints against students, including top athletes...
  11. CraigD

    Link: Awesome Tide (detergent) Quinnen/Bama commercial

    Just now saw it during the Bears-Saints game. I’ll upload it to YouTube and post it momentarily. EDIT:
  12. CraigD

    Link: Kentucky player Kahlil Whitney to transfer

    Check out this article from USA TODAY: Kentucky basketball's Kahlil Whitney, a former top recruit, announces plans to leave school
  13. CraigD

    Link: SDS article about Bama’s streak against unranked opponents

    Enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. CraigD

    Link: Ugh. Deonte Brown, others, suspended

    Links below. Did not make the trip to Miami. C’mon guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. CraigD

    #ManCrush on Damien Harris (from SEC Media Days)

    What a well-spoken young man. Very impressive. If you didn’t catch any of it, do yourself a favor and look it up. Wow. The young man has a bright future even if this football thing doesn’t pan out... but I have a feeling he’ll be fine there too. Roll Tide, Damien! Sent from my iPhone using...
  16. CraigD

    New commit - Luke Bingaman

    EDIT: HA HA on me! OK, mods... enough with the fun. Please assist with the removal proceedings.
  17. CraigD

    Looking for 4 tickets to Texas A&M, Missouri, or Miss St

    I'm interested in buying 4 tickets to either the Texas A&M, Missouri, or Mississippi State games. If you have ones you aren't going to use and would like to sell them please let me know.
  18. CraigD

    Woman barges onto Spirit Airlines plane... watch to see why this is Bama related

    Read This and watch the video linked from the article for the full effect. Recap: A woman runs past the gate and onto a Spirit Airlines plane (at Hartsfield) after she misses her flight (she claims they closed the gate early to her flight, and if she can't to go Las...
  19. CraigD

    Link: Officially too far: UCF Championship license plates

    Okay, it was cute for a very short time, but you’ve GOT to be kidding me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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