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    Just Got Ugly in Gainesville

    After five scoreless innings, it looks like BAMA blinked first and gave up 3 runs to Mizzou in the top of the 6th. Fouts had an error on a weak ground ball back to her, (went under her glove), and the second baseball dropped a routine pop up that should have ended the inning but instead gave...
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    BAMA Takes Game Three, 3-1 Over Mizzou

    BAMA took game 3 vs Mizzou by a score of 3-1. Mizzou got their run when Montana Fouts fielded a dribbler back to her, but threw it down the right field line allowing the runner on second to score. Other than that, Missouri didn't threaten to score. There's something about Montana and that...
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    BAMA Finally Gets That Timely Hit

    After being tied at 1 going to the bottom of the 6th inning, BAMA finally got that timely hit. Abby Doerr laced a single to the wall in left center to score 2. Montana Fouts then shut the door in the 7th. She pitched around Mizzou's big home run hitter and walked her, but then struck out the...
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    Softball Going to Extra Innings Against Mizzou

    Tied at 2 after 7. Montana Fouts is throwing well, but our hitting issues are still there. Had a couple of chances in the late innings to win it but couldn't get a hit. Hopefully Montana can hold them down.
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    BAMA Manages to Get a Win at A&M

    BAMA took game 3 at A&M by a score of 4-2. Montana Fouts went the distance for the win. We won, but we really need to do something about our hitting. From the 3rd inning on we left runners in scoring position every inning, but couldn't get the big hit we needed. In all but one of those...
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    BAMA Needs to Wake Up vs A&M

    So far BAMA has been sleepwalking thru this series with A&M. They dropped game 1 by a 6-4 score, and now they have given up 7, yes 7 runs to A&M in the bottom of the second. Kilfoyl has been replaced by Salter who got us out of the inning. Do we have the guts to comeback? Who knows. This...
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    BAMA Falls to A&M in Game 1 of the Series

    BAMA gets a BAD loss tonight as they fall to A&M 6-4 in College Station. A&M had only won 3 SEC games before tonight. BAMA had a 4-1 lead after 4 but then miscues by BAMA, including two dropped throws at first base allowed the Aggies to cut it to 4-3. Later, some timely hitting, along with...
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    "Miracle Finish" Gives BAMA Series Over Miss. State

    After taking game 1 on Thursday night by a 2-1 score, BAMA decided to spot State a 5-0 lead after 2 innings tonight. BAMA went into the bottom of the 7th down 6-4. Ally Shipman blasted one to deep space to cut it to 6-5. BAMA then pieced enough together to load the bases. Megan Bloodworth...
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    BAMA Takes Series Against Georgia

    After leaving what seemed like a million runners on base and losing game one, BAMA bounces back and takes game 2 by a score of 9-3, and game 3 by a score of 9-0. Ally Shipman hit a 3-run dinger in the bottom of the 6th to seal the run-rule win. Star of the weekend was Lexi Kilfoyl who won game...
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    Softball Salvages Weekend at LSU

    After dropping a double header 13-6 and 5-1 on Saturday, BAMA responds with a 2-1 victory today at LSU. Montana Fouts got the complete game victory today. I didn't see the Saturday games, but it was apparently an ugly day for the Tide. Good rebound today.
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    LSU Loses Myles Brennan to Left Arm Injury

    LSU is reporting that QB Myles Brennan suffered a "severe" injury to his left arm that will require surgery, and he will be out for an undetermined amount of time. Speculation is that is a broken arm that will require surgery to repair. This leaves LSU with only two QB's, Max Johnson who came...
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    Ed Orgeron Files for Divorce

    An article on Nola.Com tonight says that Ed Orgeron has filed for divorce from his wife of 23 years. Not sure how to post the link, but this does not appear to be an April Fools joke. Krymsonman
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    BAMA drops game 1 to Arkansas 1-0

    In BAMA's first SEC series, they drop game 1 to Arkansas. Final score was 1-0 Hogs. Arkansas scored their lone run in the top of the 7th, but had several opportunities to score before that. A couple of stellar plays in center field kept them off the board. I think we had five very scattered...
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    Ole Miss Game Time on 9/28

    Hey Folks, does anybody have any inside info on the kick-off time for the Ole Miss game on 9/28. My wife is trying to convince me to go to a wedding, but I don't want to miss the game. Thanks for any help. Krymsonman
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    OU vs UCLA - WCWS Championship Series

    Hey Folks, Guess who's running on fumes tonight. It's the OU Sooners. They are doing everything you might expect from a team that is just a little out of gas. They have had several errors, both mental and physical, that have led to UCLA runs, and the bats just aren't there tonight. And the...
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    Softball Playoffs

    Well, looks like a major league hose job on BAMA. We ended up with the #8 seed, so we do get to stay at home if we win, but how did Florida get a #5 seed, and why is Minnesota seeded over BAMA. I know they are tired of BAMA football, but in my opinion we should have had a higher seed. I guess...
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    Happy Birthday Coach Saban

    Hope your team gave you a big box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, and that they give you a big victory Saturday to top it off!!
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    How do we look on the injury front?

    Well, down here on the bayou, all you hear is Coach O growling and Tiger fans pounding their chests. In other words, real BAMA news is non-existent. Just wondering what the latest is on the injury front. I'm assuming Tua and Henry Ruggs are back full speed, and I know Jalen is day to day...
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    Newest BAMA Fan Enters the World

    At 2:30am, on Friday, 9/21/18, the newest BAMA fan entered the world. I am now the proud Grandpa of Jacob, an 8 pound little boy. He is the son of 2011 BAMA graduates, my son and daughter-in-law. Jacob had the good sense to come on Friday so I could still see the A&M game. I just had to brag...
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    LSU loses 1, possibly 2 QB's

    It was announced down here yesterday that LSU redshirt freshman QB Lowell Narcisse has announced he will transfer. He had missed a couple of practices, and it's said that the real surprise is that he beat redshirt junior Justin McMillan to the punch. McMillan has also missed practices, and...

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