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    Bama Game Thread: Official BAMA vs Michigan State 11/24 @ 930pm

    Let's gooooooooooooooo!!!
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    Official BAMA vs Liberty 11/11 @ 7pm game thread LET' GOOOOOOOOO!
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    CNO Recap – BAMA vs Longwood

    Really REALLY good notes ... excited about this team's potential. The SEC will be one of the best leagues this year so we will have to pack our lunch for every game.
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    HIGHLIGHT VIDEO - BAMA vs Longwood

    Going to do my best to add these when they are available. Our front court really had a nice game. That's going to be plus during SEC play.
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    Can Tennessee is finding success with a similar offense as ours ...

    Just a talking point to get ready for the season. I noticed that UT switched to more of a CNO based offense after our first year of success under him. Here are some highlights from UTs game this year against a familiar opponent ... Gonzaga:
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    Official first practice of the '22 season
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    So is BAMA becoming this decade's QBU?

    I saw this posted in another thread And it got me thinking ... with the success of Hurts, Tua, and Mac as NFL starters, and the possibility of Bryce joining the ranks ... can BAMA make an argument that we are this decade's QBU? We went from a program where QBs were considered "game...
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    '22-'23 Mens Basketball schedule is out ...
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    Colin Sexton now with the Utah Jazz ...
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    '22 BAMA Europe Tour coverage ...

    Let's use this thread as a catch-all for the Bama Europe tour ...
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    July 29, 2022 practice ...

    Here's the first look at the '22-'23 team RTR!!!
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    2022 Phil Knight Invitational ...

    Bama will participate in the 2022 Phil Knight Invitational in November. We open up against Michigan State. The full list of participants includes Bama, Iowa State, Michigan State, North Carolina, Oregon, Portland, UConn and Villanova. Five of the teams are ranked in's Way Too Early Top...
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    French is transferring to Rhode Island ...

    I wish him much success ... I'm thinking he woulda had better success here if he would have brought in fully, but I get it.
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    The official 2022 NCAA Basketball Tourney Catch-All thread

    This will be the thread dedicated to discussing tournament games that are not Bama-related. Auburn's tournament appearance can still be discussed in the "What About Those Auburn Tigers?" thread.
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    Bama Game Thread: BAMA vs Arkansas 02/12/22 @ 11am

    Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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