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    News Article: Hoops Injury Updates
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    Link: Opening Day of Early Signing Period for 2023 Class

    According to and, all four of our commits have signed their LOI I think I read somewhere that Coach Oats said he was anticipating 4 or 5 signees for this early period, so we could possibly add another this week.
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    News Article: Nick Saban Changes His View ... College Football Playoff

    In light of today's CFP expansion discussions, here's an article from posted today. Nick Saban changes his view about the College Football Playoff. Just had to pull out this little excerpt from the article: I know it appears to be just a Freudian slip of the keyboard, but the...
  4. O 1985 Alabama Spring Game - Varsity vs. Alumni

    This clip starts with Perkins and Stabler about 4 minutes in. Comes from the Bryant Museum. Mike Shula's bit was just prior to where this clip starts. This is just for nostalgia and to bring a smile to your face. I am sure this has been posted many years ago, and most of you have seen this...
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    News Article: Kris Parker Schedules Official Visit to Alabama article on Kris Parker from 24 August 2022 On3's Recruiting Prediction Machine shows Alabama 81.0%, as of yesterday. Does anyone have any news about this guy? This is the first I’ve seen of him. Have I just missed the news on him? I did a search on the forum, but I didn't turn up...
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    News Article: What Nate Oats wants to be different ... this season

    Good read from dated 18 August 2022 He goes into more depth on some of the issues hampering the team last year. Just like Coach Saban is wont to do, I think Coach Oats is sending a message to this year's team :)
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    News Article: Nate Oats on Alabama Roster: Article dated 22 Jun 2022

    Recent article from SI Nate Oats comments on each newcomer joining the roster and his strategy on not filling the last scholarship spot. Thought it was a good read.
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    News Article: What 2022 Holds For NIL

    NIL in 2022 Some good projections on what the NIL landscape looks like going forward.
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    Link: Bryce Young ARTICLE from the Ringer

    Thought this article about Bryce was a good read. Dated 23 November 2021
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    News Article: Excellent Kenny Stabler article from SBNation

    I know Allie has already posted this link in the Latest BAMA News thread - and most of you have probably seen it - but I thought this write-up deserved it's own thread: One Last Smile With The Snake Mods, if you feel this is redundant, just give this thread the ole "heave ho" :)
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    Stanford's Francis Owusu makes a "Prothro" catch ... another incredible catch :)
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    News Article: Lane Kiffin falls down, asks Nick Saban for help to get back up

    ... FWIW, here is a David Climer Article from the Tennessean in Nashville, TN ... expected Climer's usual brand of cynicism when I read the title, but it's not so bad :smile:
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    News Article: Article: Former GA Bulldog Player Puts Positive Spin on Negative

    Football taken from him, Sturdivant enters the real world ... at a time when we are bombarded with sports articles that seem to dwell on all the negative news, e.g., players, coaches, etc., making bad decisions, this is a good read about a player making a good decision with a positive...
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    Zach Mettenberger has committed to LSU

    Mettenberger to LSU
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    News Article: Jake Nicolopulos signs LOI with Clemson

    ... this article kinda puts things in perspective for me on a day like today - different kinda story, to say the least :smile:
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    News Article: ESPN: Outside The Lines - Sal Aunese, TC McCartney

    Outside The Lines - Full Circle ... thought this was a good article and video ... just posting the link thinking maybe someone else might enjoy :smile:
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    Alonzo Lawrence to USM per

    ... forgive this if it is old news - i didn't see it on the first two pages
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    Jay Barker and Sara Evans to wed

    FWIW, here's the article on Jay and Sara from the Tennessean in Nashville did not see this already posted - sorry if i overlooked it ... and it may not belong in this forum - again sorry, if that's the case

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