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    Penalty at the end of the half

    I have looked and did not see this anywhere. JPW was tackled with 10 seconds remaining and the flag was thrown with 4 seconds remaining. (I reviewed it in detail with my DVR) So why did the clock not stop at 4 seconds and the penalty assessed instead of at the beginning of the 2nd half. As it...
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    Nice Article on Brodie This writer think he has what it takes..
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    Atlanta Area DirecTV

    I knew today was a split broadcast on LF but I would have thought Atlanta would have gotten UA-MSU.. On my guide it shows FL -Vandy... Any ideas on how to see the UA game? This sux.
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    Shula Supporter

    Watching the end of the game, I wanted to go for the TD just like everyone has posted here but after thinking about it for a day, I had the following observations. I think Shula is learning a lot as he goes. - Last year we had 3 game winning FGs. I think in each of those games, Jamie had...
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    Irons vs Darby

    I read in the paper that Tubbs said that, he thought it was clear that Irons was the best RB in the SEC... While we got our clock cleaned yesterday but I thought Darby had a decent game.. If you look at the quality of AU's offensive line versus ours and realize that Darby got almost as many...
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    Run the ball more in 2nd half - When?

    For all the coaches out there that think we should have run the ball more in the 2nd half... below is the play by play for Alabama in the 2nd half... I can't really see anywhere that I think we should have run the ball when we passed. The only 3 and out all passing was from our own 3 yard line...
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    Demeco and Schatz SEC Players of the week

    Defensive and Special Teams.... Great work.
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    Follow Ronnie Brown...........

    In watching the Georgia game, it appeared to me that about 75-80% of the time the ball followed Ronnie Brown... He was either running the ball, catching the ball or blocking for the Ford. If I am Joe Kines, I would think about a spy on him to follow him because he is seldom used as a decoy and...
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    Blocked FG

    Did anyone think that the jumper on the blocked FG landed on the UA lineman? It looked very similar to what LSU was called for a penality against AU. I think it is a bad rule to start with but he got a running start and landed across the LOS and I thought he might have hit a UA lineman...

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