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  1. KrAzY3

    The consistent mediocrity of Pete Gol*ing

    The updated stats are out, and I thought I would take a look. First, I want to drive one point home. Alabama is giving up 18.1 points per game. That's as close to third place as it is to 70th place! They are less than a point away from both Texas and Texas A&M. This is not the type of defense...
  2. KrAzY3

    Bryce Young wins ESPY for Best College Athlete, Men's Sports Congrats to Bryce! On that note, this reminds me a bit of a clip I saw earlier today on ESPN. They were discussing Alabama's greatness and even mentioned Heisman winners as one positive accomplishment for Alabama. I was...
  3. KrAzY3

    Arch Manning, Texas, and NILs

    I know Arch Manning and his family has said and done everything to make it clear that money wouldn't be a factor in which school they chose. Yet, somehow of all the destinations Arch ends up at a school that was 5-7 last season and hardly seemed like hot commodity. Way back, when we were first...
  4. KrAzY3

    Let's talk about coordinators

    I was going to make a post just about Alabama's defensive stats but I'm not sure there's a point in that. Alabama's defense got lit up by the previously 100th ranked scoring offense. This is the sort of team that a legit Alabama defense could have shut out, and they did that for one quarter. The...
  5. KrAzY3

    BREAKING Bryce Young NIL's "near seven figures" says Saban

    I guess this goes here: Benevolent Dictator's edit: This is worthy of its own thread. No need for being in generic NIL mega thread
  6. KrAzY3

    Is Alabama Quarterback U (Again)?

    One thing I find interesting and a little perplexing is exactly how Alabama lost their reputation as a quarterback school. Not only did that not used to be the case, but Alabama had become the preeminent quarterback school at one point. Consider Super Bowl XI. Kenny Stabler wins the Super Bowl...
  7. KrAzY3

    AAC commissioner: "bring back the BCS"

    I'm taking him out of context a little bit because the full quote is this: "I never thought I'd say it, but if this continues, bring back the BCS and the computers because it would be a fairer system than what I'm seeing now," Coming from me it would probably seem like I'm trying to use this...
  8. KrAzY3

    Meaningless schedules produce meaningless results

    I've been on record for quite some time as saying there are too many FBS teams. There are programs that are basically just a vanity project for the college (at a time when I hear more and more complaints about student debt). Along with losing money, some of these programs meet the minimum NCAA...
  9. KrAzY3

    Alabama's Defense from 2007-2020

    After I put these stats together, I see there are a couple more topics on Alabama's defense. I'm not trying to compete with existing topics but I wanted to follow up on some statistics I'd posted in the previous week. Just because the Alabama defense got shredded doesn't mean this is the worst...
  10. KrAzY3

    Jalen Hurts to wear an Alabama/Oklahoma helmet for Senior Bowl

    I thought this was worthy of a topic.
  11. KrAzY3

    No team has stopped Najee Harris

    I stumbled across an interested stat, and felt like it was worth sharing. Full disclosure, I do think Alabama has been under-utilizing their running game. I probably feel like some people felt about the receivers during Hurts time at Alabama. That there's just too much talent there not to be...
  12. KrAzY3

    Time to think about next season?

    I often find myself writing something after a loss, so bear with me, I beg your indulgence. I'm not entirely sober, please overlook any more errors than usual. Also, I'm not attempting to place blame on an individual basis or encourage that, because Alabama wins and loses as a team. I'm not...
  13. KrAzY3

    The LSU game will probably decide the Heisman winner

    I looked for a Heisman thread and didn't notice a recent one. Anyway, the LSU game is big for obvious reasons, and I like a lot of fans view the Heisman as of secondary importance. It still irritates me that in recent years it has been turned into the Oklahoma quarterback award though, and it...
  14. KrAzY3

    Nick Saban finally has a worthy rival

    I probably wouldn't be writing this if Alabama executed properly and won the game. 1-3 against Alabama wouldn't be anything special, we've seen that before. But, 2-2? Splitting the past 4 National Championships with Alabama? Yeah, credit where credit is due. It is enough to daydream about...
  15. KrAzY3

    For those that say the SEC doesn't play tough enough schedules

    Every now and then I hear some propaganda about the number of conference games the SEC plays (a ploy to try to push the SEC's SoS into suicidal territory). This overlooks the fact that the SEC is the toughest conference in college football, and that they didn't soften things up with the likes of...
  16. KrAzY3

    Someone is lying about UAB attendance

    Every now and then a UAB topic pops up here, or UAB gets brought up and one thing I've heard is how their attendance has improved a lot, so on so forth. Well, I decided to take a look. UAB had a good season, so I thought I'd check out their last home game of the season (overtime game, clinched...
  17. KrAzY3

    Bama opponents never get called for holding - review after seeing officiating today..

    We've had discussions here about the opponent penalties or lack thereof, and I seem to recall occasional attempts at explaining this away. To sum things up, Alabama's opponents just don't have very many penalties, which past a certain point becomes suspicious. There was even a notorious streak...
  18. KrAzY3

    Mobile won't give South Alabama's poor football team ten million

    My wife just got this email: "The University's request to the City Council of Mobile for $10 million in financial support for our on-campus football stadium was not approved by the Council at its meeting today." I put this here because even though it has something to do with sports, it's really...
  19. KrAzY3

    Some numbers showing the disparity in how Alabama is officiated

    Edit: I would like to preface this post with one thing. The numbers show is that something is happening. They really don't say more than that. This isn't a "the refs hate Alabama" post, this isn't proof of anything of that sort. Basically I'm just saying something is going on and it's probably...
  20. KrAzY3

    Has a two loss team ever been ranked over an undefeated power conference team?

    I suppose Selma might know the answer to this, but I think that the committee really put a dagger in the regular season today (when they ranked Auburn ahead of Wisconsin). Yes, Auburn played a tougher schedule. Yes, they have an advantage in SoS. I simply do not see the justification for letting...

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