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  1. BloodyTusk

    I had forgotten this: The committee also needs to talk about tcu losing to a backup qb

    Just sayin', along with picking the BEST 4 teams, not what they think a team deserves
  2. BloodyTusk

    No way tcu is better than Bama with a healthy Bryce Young. If the committee's job is to get the best 4 teams, they have to put Alabama over tcu.

    If you were betting on a game, Bama vs tcu, who would you bet on? Plus, Bama has better talent & play in a tougher conference.
  3. BloodyTusk

    Seriously, Bama could still get in the top4, if tcu gets blown out by 17 points or more..?

    Incredible!!! RTR! I just want to p*ss people off:LOL:

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