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  1. peariver

    2020 Prospect: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    I hate not being live... but I guess I hate CBS worse... Thanks for the advice
  2. peariver

    2020 Prospect: 2020 Commits and Prospects

    I've tried to pause my television and let radio catch up with it, but I get an text from a friend about a play I haven't seen yet. Can you sync it live somehow?
  3. peariver

    Dylan Moses hurt according to Aaron Suttles

    and I woke up this morning upset that four starters were going to miss the first half of the Duke game. Now I read this:PDT_lam: on
  4. peariver

    ESPN - Position U - Which schools produce the most talent at each position

    Not a Dawg fan but UGA should have definitely been on that list, sporting one of the all time greatest in Herschel Walker.
  5. peariver

    Rece Davis: "I'm good with it" (transfer portal)

    I'm confused because IMO that is exactly who it should be for. Why continue playing for school X as the back up and you are good enough to start at Y or Z. These kids only have four years to play and that is why they put the time and effort into. It is not their fault that someone with more...
  6. peariver

    Hurts in the weight room

    Thanks for the link
  7. peariver

    Who we are watching today and what time they will announce (and a few thoughts)

    My guess would be Young, the preferred walk on wide receiver or specialist and Robinson
  8. peariver

    Not Bama, but Worthwhile....Syracuse Recruit Has Priorities Straight

    Thanks for sharing, Only disability is a bad attitude...
  9. peariver

    the early finish

    Being recruited hard by fellow high school teammate Otis Reese to come home to UGA.
  10. peariver

    4 Star DE/DT Rashad Cheney Updates

    Changed it to blue font:biggrin:
  11. peariver

    4 Star DE/DT Rashad Cheney Updates

    Yep, class of 85
  12. peariver

    4 Star DE/DT Rashad Cheney Updates

    Early on someone said there would be 28 in this class, so the way I read it is right now we are at 24 commits with two likely going elsewhere giving us 6 slots left. The hints have been those six are in alphabetical order Dean, Neal, Sanders, Sopsher, Thibodeaux, Webb.
  13. peariver

    Georgia and Ohio State

    I think it would have been Bama and Clemson much like the playoff will end up. BCS wasn't that bad.
  14. peariver

    Georgia and Ohio State

    Well that could happen if the SEC tanked out and we had no competition but saying that and we didn't beat the tanked out league (insert Perdue equivalent) we would not be deserving of a top four ranking. You make a case for 6, there will later be a case for 8, then 10, next 12. Where does it...
  15. peariver

    Tua's Knee

    To fix a leak you have to first find it. By that I mean 100% false information from a inside source put out there to see where, if and how it surfaces.
  16. peariver

    Need some Advice for going to a game at Neyland Stadium.

    My son and I made the road trip to Neyland about six years ago and we have crossed off Auburn, Athens and Knoxville on our attempt at doing the same thing. So far, Tennessee ranks #1 of those visits and probably because of their band. We found the fans to be nice. I went to their game day...
  17. peariver

    Free agency in CFB has began

    Does Ray Guy have a son probably now his grandson in school somewhere?
  18. peariver

    What road venues have you traveled to see the Crimson Tide play?

    On campus Knoxville, Auburn, Athens Off campus Super Dome (vs Ohio State) Georgia Dome (Florida 2x SEC Championship, West Virginia, Washington Playoff) Mercedes Benz (FSU)
  19. peariver

    UAPD video challenge epic Sweet Home Alabama

    Thanks for sharing. True story, there is a bar in Savannah named Savannah Smiles which has dueling pianos and great atmosphere. The guys are playing and singing "Sweet Home Alabama" and every time they finish the chorus, I yelled Roll Tide Roll. The second time through they stopped the song...

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