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  1. TriCountyTider

    Happy Holidays!

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house. Not a barner was stirring, because the blew all of their clout. They fired their coach, it was done in a haste. Now, they taste regret. Oh what a taste! But, in Tideville Saban is still coach. Sarkisian as well, even though barn tried...
  2. TriCountyTider

    Coach Smart to finish the job

    Love this news!
  3. TriCountyTider

    To the O-Line

    I love watching Derrick Henry run, so I want to say it has been quite the job these big men have done to give him some lanes to run through. Thank you big guys!
  4. TriCountyTider

    Link: Vinnie Sunseri doing good with Saints.

    [ ][/URL] So glad to see Vinnie doing well thus far. Keep it up!
  5. TriCountyTider

    Link: Now Five Vandy football players indicted on sex charges (updated, pg2) Investigation started in June. Had not heard anything about this. This sickens me. God gave us a brain to use. These 4 imbeciles are...
  6. TriCountyTider

    Gators lose WR/KR Andre Debose for season.(Torn ACL) Didn't expect them to win the SEC EAST but they would contend and have a shot. May not be that huge of a loss but I hate it for the young man and wish him a full and speedy recovery.
  7. TriCountyTider

    Pre Title Game T-Shirts.

    There are a few already out there. So if you see any post them here. Sorry for the offensiveness. I apologize.
  8. TriCountyTider

    Link: Bobo banned from off campus recruiting for a month free admission to $8 dollar tennis championships on UGA campus. LOL:biggrin:
  9. TriCountyTider

    Link: Ms. State all white unis.

    I didn't see this posted... here ya go..
  10. TriCountyTider

    ULMonroe vs. Baylor

    After upsetting the Hogs and giving the Barn all they wanted. How do you see the Warhawks fairing against The Bears tonight? I honestly don't know how to pick this game.:conf3:
  11. TriCountyTider

    Link: Urban Meyer says Braxton Miller more talented than the Tebow I don't have a problem with him saying it and supporting his current QB... But,IDK if he's right.
  12. TriCountyTider

    Kentucky fan impersonates Joker Phillips(Creepy)
  13. TriCountyTider

    GT Vs. VT.. predictions?

    I don't know how to pick this game.. VT is a 7.5 favor I say 31-28 VT
  14. TriCountyTider

    Minnesota @ UNLV

    Has to be one of the worst officiated games I have ever had the displeasure of watching.
  15. TriCountyTider

    Link: Article on the Bama-Michigan match-up. Thoughts?

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