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    Let the Madness begin - How Bama makes it to the playoffs…..

    In my not-very-informed or important opinion, I'm coming around to us having a shot at this.
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    No Teaser Titles - One More Thread About The Next Alabama coach

    I think Saban chose the wooden chalice. He'll be here a while.
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    JessN: Iron Bowl | Alabama - Auburn Game Preview: Bama faces the Auburn that could have been

    I spent some energy defending Harsin, moving the blame for the shambles on to the boosters. But this is clearly not the case, Harsin is a bad coach, a bad fit and a bad hire, although boosters helped destroy Auburn's season before it even got started with their crazy coup de main. I like...
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    Pete's on the Broyles list

    I can't remember a case where Saban bad-mouthed any assistant at all, before or after the fact. There'll be a review of performance measures, if there hasn't already, and a change will or won't be made. Broyles Award nomination is neither here nor there, and he hasn't won it yet.
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    Josh Pate (Bama-Ole Miss reaction video)

    Exactly! Close games are basically 50-50 games, and we've won 3 and lost 2.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama @ Ole Miss...

    That is true. However Lane called it like an underdog, which despite all the lamentations on this board (including my own) they are. I don't blame him for rolling the dice.
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    Bama @ Ole Miss game preview: Bama trying to stop the bleeding, even with playoffs out of reach

    I would go further - bet only what you enjoy losing.
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    Bama @ Ole Miss game preview: Bama trying to stop the bleeding, even with playoffs out of reach

    You make a very good point. Answer: none of them. The talent is there. The reliable consistent production is not. Jess's approach looks at both. Allow me to ask in return - which receiver would you trust to catch a game-winning ball thrown into his belly? Which DB is a lockdown guy who won't...
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    Bama @ Ole Miss game preview: Bama trying to stop the bleeding, even with playoffs out of reach

    I certainly respect your point, and Alabama does have better talent everywhere. But this is not how they seem to be playing. If a great talent is hamstrung by a playcall, a drop, a coordinator, or a team-mate who is not pulling their weight, then the talent is diluted. And I agree that if LSU...
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    Bama @ Ole Miss game preview: Bama trying to stop the bleeding, even with playoffs out of reach

    I am obliged to agree with you, Jess. Having the fortitude and grit to fight over breadcrumbs instead of championships, I'm not seeing it right now. The disappointment flowing from the transfers from Georgia and LSU, and the team in general, is palpable. This is an important game.
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    Will Saban makes changes at the Seasons end??

    1. What hampers both sides of the ball is that our playbooks and schemes are thoroughly understood through the league and throughout football. Saban has said many times it is about execution, practice until you can't get it wrong etc etc. But there is a limit to what execution can achieve...
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    Josh Pate Bama video

    "Thats not the profile of a dominant program. They are Alabama in name only." Truth hurts. I like Josh, he speaks truth to power.
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    JessN: BAMA @ LSU WRAPUP: Two ships passing in the Baton Rouge night, headed in opposite directions

    Well put. We all had pretty high expectations coming into the season - and to some extent we have been making excuses for objectively poor performances. Some bad calls here, if-only plays there. But no more. The result is now fairly plain to see, this team is good, not great. The magic is not...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama @ LSU...

    We have a good team but definitely not a great one. It feels weird to not be "elite". Something's got to change, it's time for new coordinators. An offense that can't score on the road, a defense performing way below the talent level. Two games now, we let the other team stay in the game so...
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    BREAKING Auburn fires Harsin

    This was unavoidable the moment the boosters tried to fire him for cause back in the spring, thus destroying his rectruiting class and Auburn's season. In all likelihood, Harsin is a fine person and a decent coach. Now they get to add $15m or whatever it is to the $50m+ guaranteed money they...
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    Multiple Aggies suspended indefinitely

    Money for sure can't buy discipline.
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    It's shockingly expensive to attend a game at BDS

    For the Vandy game, I was able to park for free in the square around the courthouse, although it is a 15 minute walk from the stadium. And you can carry in an empty clear plastic water bottle, and drink from the water monsters for free. But yes, hotdogs are are ripoff. We bought 3 of the lowest...
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    CFN: Alabama vs Mississippi State Prediction, Game Preview

    I hope we see an angry team, chanting in the tunnel, getting the little things right, shirts tucked in, catching the TD passes that hit you in the hands, self-policing the stupid mistakes. RTR.
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    JessN: Tennessee wrap-up: When it goes bad, blame the usual suspects

    Three unnecessarily close games, 2 wins and a loss. You have to win beyond the margin of refereeing, and beyond the margin of last-drive opponent heroics. Last minute losses are lost through the whole game one penalty and dropped pass at a time.
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    Let's Talk QB's (Who Should Be The Backup?)

    I've been trying to defend Milroe, with statements like "fumbles are fixable", which is eminently true. However in many ways we were lucky to get away with only 2 fumbles and 1 INT, because ATM dropped 3 or 4 easy INTs. Part of the problem is that the Bama playbook changes slowly, new...

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