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    Paying Players

    I've got a minute of free time, so let's look at paying players. I know they get an education, room and board, athletic swag, great medical care, bowl swag, etc. But I also understand the frustration that these men generate billions in revenue - a new lazy river at the athletic complex doesn't...
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    Furnace Troubleshooting

    Any HVAC experts? I installed a new thermostat last night and now my furnace is proving to be a problem.
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    Question: Hugh Freeze hanging out in Athens?

    Local radio in Birmingham noting that CHF has been hanging around advising Kirby and Mel on offensive strategy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where Do We Go From Here - Injuries and Playoffs

    After last night's injuries - who plays where next week? After yesterday's upsets - who makes the playoffs?
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    BREAKING: Raekwon Davis Suffers Minor Gunshot Wound Sounds like he's not snitching, either.
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    Euro Healthcare vs US Healthcare

    So I'm sitting at the eye doctor a few months back, and the doc starts to opine about why European style health care won't in the US. One of her primary reasons was that the genetic homogeneity in most European countries, particularly Scandinavia, made it easier to prevent and treat diseases...
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    Y'all Buying the UGA Hype?

    Not sure I do, to be honest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Plain Trouble on "Da Plains" (all AU posts here)

    Honest question - how does the AU media feel about Gus taking an approach to the media more akin to Saban or Meyer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Luginbill on Slow Recruiting

    Terrific quote from Lugs here about what's happening at Bama, Auburn, UGA and other schools: "B/c coaches are taking back some control and offers have stipulations on what is committable. This buys them time to further evaluate." "Committed #s are down across the country for this reason. Also...
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    Need some HVAC help - condensate pump

    I've got a condensate pump that's overflowing like crazy - it runs when emptied but it's not pumping anything out. I've cleaned it out but I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the drain tube. The tube runs up from the up about six feet and then across the ceiling of my basement and...
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    Question: Buying a Refurbished MacBook

    My wife needs a new laptop and she's found a refurbished MacBook Air on Groupon. Price is solid but a little unsure of the source. Any thoughts on this? Her main need for the computer is online apps - she is a realtor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Texas Transfer Tevin Mack Commits to UA

    All over Twitter...not sure how this affects scholarships or the Key situation.
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    Deshaun Watson spotted at Innisfree Tuscaloosa

    Anyone seen the video floating around of Deshaun Watson at Innisfree? Appears someone - maaaaaaaaaaaybe a former OLB for the Tide - told him it was "time to go," so he and his girlfriend had to up and leave. Then again, maybe Watson should have had sense enough to go eat somewhere nice and...
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    Transmission Advice

    Need some advice from you gearheads. Looks like I'm going to need a new transmission on my car. 06 Rendezvous with a 4 cylinder. Friend I trust very much said to avoid a Baker transmission at all costs and see if the shop can get a GM certified transmission with a 100K warranty. Any thoughts...
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    Question: Need a little financial advice

    So I need some financial advice. A few years ago my wife and I fell on some tricky times due to an unsuccessful career change. We've managed to right the ship, but we've got a few collections out there we need to address. My concerns are: - If we take collections settlements, how does it...
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    Need Some Laptop Advice

    So my wife's real estate career is starting to take off, and she needs a new laptop. Most all of her work is done online - though she uses a fair amount of pdf format reports. Can we use a Chromebook in the short term until we can afford a better laptop? And for this sort of work, will we...
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    Awful Announcing accuses CNS of pulling schollies

    The pretext of all this is Randy Edsall, but this passage was really weird: "Finebaum then goes on to say “Nick Saban’s been doing this from the first day,” and there certainly have been plenty of criticisms of Saban for oversigning and pulling scholarships late (in some cases, after players...
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    Need some help selling a car

    So here's my deal. I've got a 98 Cavalier. 197K miles. Bad body and a transmission that is about to go - but the engine cranks and the car moves. It's knocking but for now - it runs. I need to sell it and I'm getting low balled by junkyard men. I need about $500-$700 for it. New...
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    Freshman DT Josh Frazier

    Hearing good things about this kid - anyone have thoughts on him?
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    Lost Two Great Ones This Week...

    Horace Silver and Gerry Goffin. R.I.P.

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