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    Pick the score- Alabama v Mississippi State

    I kept waiting for someone to post this thread, but I finally decided to post it myself. Bama 41 MSU 17 I'm counting on us to stand up and play Bama football. Roll Tide!
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    Full Season Helmet Schedule Picks- View mine and leave your picks and thoughts!

    Mods- If there is another preseason predictions thread for the whole conference, please put this there. I certainly had some surprises when I finished all of the picks for the whole season. If I were just picking team records without looking at the full schedule, I am quite certain that some...
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    Bama v. Barn score predictions

    I looked but did not see where anyone had started this, so here we go. Bama 38 AU 27 I feel like the Guster's trickeration will keep us nervous for a while before we take control, and then they'll add a late score to make it look closer than it really was.
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    Pick the score

    It's part of my routine leading up to the game to pick the score, and I haven't seen that thread this week. If there is one, my apologies. Bama 41 MSU 20
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    Game Thread: AU v Ole Miss

    I am interested to see if Ole Siss can run against AU's front. AU just missed a FG.
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    My full season helmet schedule predictions are in this thread.

    I know there aren't many of you who actually pick the full season schedule and only pick week to week instead. However, I put these picks here every year. I have some really good years and a few when there are a couple of surprise teams that either tank or do much better than expected. I...
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    JT just shot 61 at the BMW Championship.

    I watched Deontay Wilder knock out Brasealle in a replay earlier today, and I just watched JT shoot a 61. Tuscaloosa guys getting it done.
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    Game Thread: South Carolina v Ole Miss

    Well, that didn't take long. 7-0 USCe.
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    Game Thread: UK v Mizzou

    Kentucky's defense is solid, but their offense is too one dimensional. It is looking like the Wildcats will be dropping another game.
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    Game Thread: Arkansas v. Tulsa

    The Hogs are struggling with the Golden Hurricanes. It is 3-0 Arky with 8:52 left in the 2nd quarter.
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    Game Thread: A&M v. USCe

    Is everyone watching the game in Red Stick, or is anyone watching the Gamecocks and Aggies? There's not much offense going on so far.
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    Game Thread: Florida v. Vandy

    Vandy just had an interception on the goal line to keep them from scoring early.
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    Ryder Cup Discussion

    USA started well in the morning matches, but they are pulling their typical choke job in the afternoon matches. They are getting absolutely steamrolled by the Euros right now in the afternoon.
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    Game Thread: UT v. UTEP (SECN)

    UT is not looking very good. I guess that means the situation is normal in Knoxville. Hahaha!
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    News Article: Some guys already making a name for themselves in summer workouts. These types of stories always get me looking ahead to the season. I try to enjoy the summer and not wish it away, but I always look forward to seeing how the returning guys mix with the newcomers and...
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    Justin Thomas at the Masters 2018

    I was hoping Thomas would make a move into contention yesterday. He posted a two under to get to five under for the tournament, but I doubt he can catch the guys who were posting five, six, and seven under scores yesterday. It would be nice to see him at least post a round in the 60s and maybe...
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    Justin Thomas beat a Clemson guy in the quarters and now faces a UGA grad...

    JT beat a Clemson grad and now faces a UGA grad in the semi-finals. If he beats Bubba to reach the finals, he will move to number one in the world. Sound familiar? Furthermore, he may face another UGA grad in the finals. I just thought it was both a cool coincidence and a chance to throw...
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    Does anyone have any quick prognostications for gymnastics, WB, or softball?

    I don't keep up with these sports really closely, but I have always enjoyed watching our gymnastics ladies and been very proud of that program and how it represents our university with great academics and winning. I see that they are 2-2 on the season so far, but I wonder if anyone knows what...
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    Cotton Bowl discussion

    I don't know if I've started three threads in the entire time I've been a member of Tidefans, but here we go.
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    Music City Wildcat Bowl discussion

    End of 1- UK- 7 NU- 3

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