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    Status of Sopsher

    He was injured early on and is still not on the depth chart, and not having found anything on him, I was hoping someone could help an old guy out. He was Beast coming in and I had expected he would be a regular rotation by now. Anyone?
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    Michael Hynes anybody check this guy?
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    Question: When does practice start? And question about Parks...

    can't Jarez Parks get one of the vacated schollys? He could possibly provide depth at defensive end right? We need him and Ray.
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    Question: Anybody hear or see recruits reaction to game, atmosphere?

    Heck of a game for any one to see in person. I wonder what reaction the recruits had.
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    Will Yeldon be able to play this week

    Any news on his hammy this week? Is he able to practice this week? I know Henry and Drake can carry the load but I believe we need him too.
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    Link: Futuristic uniforms!x7gMb Hope no one associated with the program ever listens to a pitch man from one of the companies pushing this kind of garbage. And I don't think it's a generational thing. These are just puke. Only...
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    Question: Do you think we'll get any more commits before NSD?

    any more recruits to commit before signing day? What with the available slots left it's not out of the realm to think we've seen the last before February. What say you?
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    Love Jess' assessments of depth charts and...

    ...updates to them as well as his upcoming game match ups. Having read his last installment on 2011 team attrition and needs he mentions that we have not recruited a center type since our current starter, Mr V. Did he just simply forget Isaac Luatua or did something happen with him that I...
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    Hung it up and retired, yesterday...

    Two weeks ago I filed for free agency at work and yesterday finished my last day in a 47 year run. I hope to take my wife and travel again and try to get in an extra round of golf each week, but will be averaging more kickback time than I've been afforded for a great while. I will also take...
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    Terry Grant

    How is his rehab going? Is he ready to go yet? He seemed yo be the biggest surprise last year with his electrifying runs. Can anyone fill me in?
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    Greg McElroy

    Whatever could it be about Mcelroy that might not be appealing to CNS' staff ?? That statement by Jess mystified me. I thought from all videos and his stats that he might be an early favorite. Has he done anything that has cast some doubt as to his ability at the position ?? :conf2:
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    Where did the investigation into

    USC's recruiting parties, go ? :conf2: Is it over ? I heard the initial report and a little buzz about it, and then, silence. Is it ongoing ? If any one knows about it, please advise. I was wondering if it would lead to anything. :conf3: Thanks
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    The Texas DE we got as a gift, late signing

    Can any one provide an update as to how this young man is developing ? I believe his name was Eric. How is he doing in practices and where is he working out ? Are the coaches making a linebacker out of him ? He was a bit light to play the dl in the SEC. Any news would be appreciated. Also, as a...

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