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  1. AlistarWills

    National Pulled Pork Day

    So apparently it’s National Pulled Pork Day today (10/12/22) What is your favorite place to get it and why?
  2. AlistarWills

    Why was McClellan fumble not targeting

    The player dropped his head and dove into the back of Jase’s arm with the crown of his helmet. I thought that was one of the things listed as a description for targeting.
  3. AlistarWills

    Running stop sign on school bus

    Does anyone know the penalty if someone is caught running a bus stop sign in Alabama? It seems that it’s a weekly, if not a near daily occurrence with my local school’s buses. Bus drivers and parents are repeatedly posting on Facebook groups asking people to obey the stop sign. There are no...
  4. AlistarWills

    High Schools where refs are reportedly in the bag

    I’ve always heard about certain high schools where the refs have reportedly been in the bag. Teams that if you had to play them, you would always be told, you’ve got to play the refs too. These same schools are the ones you would always hear were recruiting players from other schools. Always...
  5. AlistarWills

    Legal signature on a trackpad

    I was just filling out some documents for my Dr office online before a yearly physical. Numerous times I had to sign with the trackpad on my laptop. Each of my signatures were different because it’s highly unnatural and there’s no flow to how you actually sign your name. I know places with...
  6. AlistarWills

    Nick Saban radio show

    Anyone know what radio station it’s on in Birmingham?
  7. AlistarWills

    Dock accident in Jordan

    they said it was chlorine
  8. AlistarWills

    Catchers Balk

    Looking for input on a catchers balk. Never saw it called but had a HS game tonight that the catcher was completely out of his box before the pitch. I yelled out about it and the ump said something to the catcher. No penalty was given. Has anyone ever seen it called?
  9. AlistarWills

    Looking for music help

    I run audio for our HS baseball team, play stuff before games and between innings. I’m looking for some input on music to play. We have a decent collection of things but it’s sort of dated and used so much I’m looking to incorporate some new stuff. I’m not really that much of an audiophile...
  10. AlistarWills

    Tyreek Hill to the Fins

    Tua’s receiving corp just took a major leap forward.
  11. AlistarWills

    Need help understanding HS strike zone

    I know what the rulebook says about the strike zone. Nipples to basically a balls widths below the kneecaps and 17” wide. (My translation) I need help understanding why HS umps repeatedly call strikes 6” off the plate. This is unfair to the batter who A) can’t hit that ball and B) has been...
  12. AlistarWills

    Annoying phone calls

    So my father has a landline and some number has called 50 times this afternoon. They leave a message asking you to call back the number on your callerID. The number is 984-999-9240 Anyone else getting this? I’ve tried AT&T and am getting the run around. The call waiting beeped 9 times while...
  13. AlistarWills

    ESPN financial loss due to cancelled bowl game?

    With all these bowl games getting cancelled, and knowing how many ESPN broadcasts, I’ve wondered what their financial hit is. I know they probably don’t make a lot off these time waster games, but they have to make something or they wouldn’t put them on.
  14. AlistarWills

    What are current scholarship limits?

    I know there was the 25/85 rule in place. When the NCAA decided to allow last year to not count, giving an extra year, they’ve had to adjust the 85 number accordingly. (Of course I said that and then realized who I was talking about.). Does anyone know if allowances were made or how they are...
  15. AlistarWills

    What is up with Malachi Moore?

    He seems to have disappeared from playing. Is he hurt or got beat out of his spot?
  16. AlistarWills

    Devonta joins the Heisman House

    2021 Heisman House
  17. AlistarWills

    Need help regarding a death

    We lost my mother Monday to an 18 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Sadly she almost had it beat last Summer. I need suggestions of things that need to be done (State of Alabama). My brother and I are currently riding with my Dad to their various banks to get us on their accounts in the...
  18. AlistarWills

    6A Baseball championship

    Has anyone seen what happened to Hartselle in the baseball championship game? Ump inserted himself where he shouldn’t have. Cost Hartselle a championship....literally.
  19. AlistarWills

    Cancelling student loans?

    I keep seeing where folks claim they voted for Biden based on the premise of cancellation of $50k in student loan dept. My question is, how can the Federal government cancel a debt you owe to someone else? Federal student loans are made and then bundled and sold to a 3rd party. At least the...
  20. AlistarWills

    EASports NCAA Football is back!

    Yahoo article announced this morning Really curious how this will play out

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