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    Bama team versus UGA team (what's difference)

    Most would say Bama and UGA have pretty similar levels of talent. Why then does one look so much better than the other on offense and defense? I would say coaches. End of story. What say y'all?
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    Transfer portal for coaches

    If there was a transfer portal for coaches and Golding entered it, there would be no takers.
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    Simply put, this team and coaching staff is underachieving.

    Look to put things simply, this team is under achieving. We supposedly have the most stacked talent due to years of recruiting. We are supposed to have the GOAT as a head coach. Everyone for the last few years has bragged about the conditioning coaches as if they are sent from the far...
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    Question: What offensive lineman was Greg McElroy talking about this morning?

    This was at the very beginning of the show this morning. He was talking about how infuriating it was to watch a particular offensive linemen play each Sunday when he is rewatching a game. He said each play he is just walking around while his QB is running for his life. I'm not sure he was...
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    Wish we could get Cecil's take on 2022 Bama

    It's such a shame Cecil is no longer with us. His opinions and columns were always even keeled and honest. He was firmly established and could be honest with his thoughts because of that. I wonder what his column on Sunday would have been?
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    Fire Bill O'brien now, why wait

    He is horrible. Can't shift his game plan to save his life.
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    Bases loaded worst team than the braves

    Is there a team worse than the Braves when it comes to scoring runs when they have bases loaded or 1st and 3rd with no outs. I swear I have been watching this team since the mid 80s and i have never seen a team worse in this situation. They invent new ways to not score runs when the statistics...
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    Question: Will Jahmyr Gibbs return punts

    It seems we had too many muffed punts last year. Slade did okay, but he is gone. Jo Jo didn't seem comfortable and dropped several punts and made some poor decisions related to catch it or get away from it. I watched Gibbs' highlights from Tech and saw he was pretty electric returning punts...
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    Question: When will game replay on SEC network?

    Anybody know when the SEC network will show a replay next week. I would like to watch the 4th quarter and overtimes. No need to watch first 3 quarters unless I want to punish myself.
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    BREAKING 4 star RB flips from Texas to Bama
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    Question: How does the Big 12 determine who plays in the conference championship

    So OU and OSU play each other next Saturday. Right now both are 10-1 overall and 7-1 in conference games. The loser will be 10-2 and 7-2. If Baylor beats Texas Tech they will be 10-2 and 7-2. OSU beat Baylor, so if head to head is first tie breaker and Sooners beat OSU, will the conference...
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    The chasm between SEC east and west is astonishing.

    Other that Georgia the rest of the east is a collective 2 wins and 14 losses against AP ranked teams. The SEC west, other than BAMA is 12 wins and 15 losses against AP ranked teams. UGA has not been tested. The east is UGA and then a bunch of teams that would struggle in the AAC.
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    Coaching or Players? What is problem in your opinion?

    So far this season, the three teams that are closest to us in amount of talent(UF, Aggies, and LSU) have all played very well against us. Truthfully, none of those three are really on our level of talent and depth combined. Yet one team beat us(yes I know it was on the road), and we easily...
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    Question: Explain raw pass defense vs pass eff. defense

    Reading Jess' preview each week, I keep meaning to ask what do the stats of raw pass defense and pass efficiency defense means. Each week Bama seems to be above average in the first stat, but almost twice as bad with the latter stat. Can someone explain what each stat means? Thanks
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    Question: Why did Metchie do the "karate did stance"

    I have had people ask me why he did that when he scored. Admittedly, I did not notice. So I have no clue why he did. Anybody with insights? Thanks.
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    What is up with Christian Harris' play?

    I swear it was as if D. Moses had put on C. Harris' uniform this last game. He didn't seem to know what was going on, he was hesitant, he did not play with any physicality whatsoever, he whiffed on many tackles, he filled the wrong gaps, he was extremely slow in pursuit, and gave ridiculously...
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    Question: Streaming the Bama vs Canes game

    With the game on ABC, will I be able to stream it on my ESPN + app? If not, where will I be able to find it? Thanks;
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    Amazing amount of talent from Bama headed to NFL

    I know we lose a ton of great players to the NFL every year, but this year just amazes me. According to ESPN we have the following players along with their position ranking headed for NFL careers: QB Mac Jones(5) RB Najee Harris(1) WR Devonta Smith(2) and Jaylen Waddle(3) OC Landon...
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    Question: Anybody at A-day today??

    Is there anybody in attendance today? How is the turnout?
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    Thoughts on the Three Man Front radio show

    I have been waiting until the off season to post this question. For those of y'all in the Birmingham radio area, I was wondering what you thought of the 3 man front show on JOX? I try to listen especially during football season, but it just seems to be lacking in actual sports coverage. Seems...

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