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  1. Its On A Slab

    Supply chain problems explained

    Expect a long haul on this one. It's not that we don't have widgets, it's that they are stuck on container ships off-shore. There is a shortage of trucks on land, a shortage of stevedores to unload the containers, there is a shortage of parts for machines that make other machines - which also...
  2. Its On A Slab

    GA congresswoman wants to impeach Biden before he takes office(link) Stupid is as stupid does.
  3. Its On A Slab

    Now we have the new administration's 1st "Obama's Tan Suit" Controversy How dare VP-elect Harris pose for a magazine photo wearing casual attire.
  4. Its On A Slab

    Giuliani speaks

    He Who Dealt It Smelt It This guy is a walking clown show. Every time he appears in public, he becomes even more of a bad, sad cartoon.
  5. Its On A Slab

    Court-packing if the Democrats take the Senate in November

    I remember from history class that FDR was going to pack the Supreme Court with favorable justices, but some kind of compromise was reached. Given that the current GOP has never been about compromise, I would think adding at least three new justices to the Court would be a start (should the...
  6. Its On A Slab

    Iran Announces New Domestically-Produced Fighter Jet ;)

    So, they took an old relic F5 from the Shah days and reverse-engineered it. Whoo-hoo! Western powers are quaking in their boots. Like the time they rolled out that "stealth" jet that most experts said would never fly...
  7. Its On A Slab

    I'm back after a long vacation.

    Did I miss anything while I was gone? ;) This time around, I don't intend upon jumping too much into political discussions. My post count is back down to 5 since there was trouble re-enabling my old account. It will take me forever to reach NYBF's record. I don't have that much time on my...

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