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  1. rizolltizide

    Mark Richt is a good man

    I know y'all may feel differently, but there is no denying the true character that man posseses. The league is lucky to still have him.
  2. rizolltizide

    Florida. Even our lawyas do it better.

    I think y'all might enjoy this: Shenanigans and, Fif!
  3. rizolltizide

    Why are non-inflammatory posts within threads being zapped?

    Just completely gone. I mean, really. I guess the ole "thick skin" mantra doesn't apply in our touchy feely world anymore. Sad days. Indeed.
  4. rizolltizide

    I've got a bunch of baby/kid crap...

    Any of you heathens need to buy anything?
  5. rizolltizide

    Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.

    Nothing remains quite the same.
  6. rizolltizide

    $64 Million at stake...we need a plan.

    All we gotta do is convert this Hong Kongian lesbian and marry her. Not bad. And her name is Gigi. So she's got that, too. Mash So where do we start? Prepare a meal of raw fish, perhaps?
  7. rizolltizide

    So here's your daily Florida crazy.

    Slow down, Grandma
  8. rizolltizide

    And now the crazy is in Tunisia...

    Embassies. Not just ours this time.
  9. rizolltizide

    Pure nekkid awesomeness

    Clicky Huh?
  10. rizolltizide

    The Moral Statistician

    A little Mark Twain fer ye breakfast. Heh. The Moral Statistician By Samuel Clemens Originally published in Sketches, New and Old, 1893 I don’t want any of your statistics; I took your whole batch and lit my pipe with it. I hate your kind of people. You are always ciphering out how much a...
  11. rizolltizide

    Sports wagering question

    I have a friend that is asking if I know a good online site for sports wagering. Now I would never do such a thing, and I know no one here would ever do such a thing either, but maybe somebody that somebody here knows does. My friend says she's used a few different ones in the past, the most...
  12. rizolltizide

    Finally...a local entry in the Antoine Dodson Sweepstakes.

    Enjoy one of our finest. From me, to you. :biggrin2:
  13. rizolltizide

    Anybody remember O.J. Murdock at S. Carolina?

    One of the top rated recievers coming out of high school, signed with S. Carolina, Spurrier kicked him of the team for a grand theft charge and he ended up at some little school in Kansas. He apparently decided to end it all. Dead Just a shame that guys with this kind of ability and...
  14. rizolltizide

    I miss anythiing? Cliff Notes, please.

    Being away from y'all for a week has really cleansed my soul. I'd love to say I missed you, but working on NYBF's plantation has opened my eyes to what's really important in the world. Him. And arugula.
  15. rizolltizide

    We've lost another good one. Gangster, that is.

    RIP Henry Hill Kicked it a few days ago. How did I miss this?
  16. rizolltizide

    The give ex a new name thread

    We're open for bidness..

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