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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL POSTGAME THREAD - Bama vs. Austin Peay...

    My thoughts: 1. UGA looks like Bama in the early teens. Murderball. 2. BoB is working his Linked In network trying to line up his next gig and is phoning it in. 3. CNS is.....tired.
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    Pete's on the Broyles list

    To paraphrase, I believe CNS told Mal Moore on the flight back to T town to announce him as the new coach that Mal had hired a (not very good) football coach, but that no one would out recruit him. So maybe, yes, he has come to believe that stellar talent can offset less than great coaching...
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    Pete's on the Broyles list

    Pete is clearly CNS's pet project. I think CNS looks on Pete as a guy he can develop to become a great DC and maybe HC. And to be fair, Pete has developed over the past 5 years. I would grade him at a D- five years ago and now I think he really deserves a D+. But I think CNS is going to...
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    Josh Pate Bama video

    You are right. Anyone who took thermodynamics in college remembers the second law of thermodynamics. Paraphrased it states everything in the universe falls apart. Things fall apart much more quickly that they come together. That applies to a dynasty as much as anything else.
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    JessN: BAMA @ LSU WRAPUP: Two ships passing in the Baton Rouge night, headed in opposite directions

    It occurs to me CNS must feel a lot like Lincoln felt through the first half of the civil war. He had built an army larger and better equipped than the Confederates, but he was constantly let down by the incompetence of his generals. CNS and this team has also been let down by the coaching...
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    Oh JessN, Where Art Thou?

    I would like to be singing Rammer
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    Did Harsin’s seat just get very hot?

    IMHO Harsin and Auburn are like a couple who meet, think they are wildly in love and elope a week after meeting. Almost immediately they find out they are completely incompatible. No real fault on either side, but it is just a bad match. Hardin is very unhappy, as is the Auburn PTB. This...
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    News Article: Saban explains detailed Alabama Game week Preparation

    A quote from Dwight Eisenhower is germane here: "Preparing for battle, plans are essential. But once the battle is joined, plans are useless"
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    JessN: MSU Preview: Bama's biggest challenge is to bounce back and find its identity again

    Given the performance of the OC and DC over the last two years, reaching their nadir last week, I think you might wish to include a comparison of the coaching staff on the offensive and defensive side of the ball as well. If so, I would guess the advantage goes to Mississippi State for both.
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    CFN: Alabama vs Tennessee Prediction, Game Preview

    For over a decade, Hate Week has been the highlight of the regular season for me.Watching the "I The Tennessee" video again, listening to the Tennessee jokes and knowing that Bama will administer a curb stomping on Saturday. Even better, knowing that the Viles and Phat Phil also know they will...
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    No Bryce, no win against Tennessee

    He did not because he cannot
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    Did Harsin’s seat just get very hot?

    the situation on the Plains is a lot like two people who have a whirlwind courtship, get married in Vegas and almost immediately discover they are completely incompatible. I think much of the issues Auburn has come from a misunderstanding of what Auburn means when they say they are a fambly...
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    JessN: Texas wrap-up: D steps up, Young finds a way to bail out Bama

    Three thoughts 1. BoB’s gonna BoB. He is not going to improve. In fact he may get worse as November approaches and he starts angling in his network for an NFL gig for next year. 2. I think BoB and Pete are around this year because the Tide came close last year and CNS is getting tired of...
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    NCAA Slams Tennessee With 18 Infractions Under Former Coach Jeremy Pruitt

    Likely there were no burgers in the bags. Phat would have gotten to them first
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    NCAA Slams Tennessee With 18 Infractions Under Former Coach Jeremy Pruitt

    Phat successfully stabbed Pruitt in the back and UT walks away with a pat on the back from the NCAA. You have to give Phat credit. He is the the consummate snake in the grass. The NCAA is putty in his hands.
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    UAB's Bill Clark stepping down due to health concerns

    Wait.... There are UAB fans? When I was there as faculty they literally could not pay anyone to go to the games.
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    Jay Barker Arrested

    Poor Jay. He has not aged well and now has a face made for radio. Apparently life has not been kind to him of late.
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    Agiye Hall gone

    CSS must feel that he can turn around players that did not respond to The Process. Maybe he can, but I have my doubts. It reminds me of a statement from one of the assistant coaches in one of the seasons of "Last Chance U". To paraphrase slightly, he said that the players that ended up at his...
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    JessN: Alabama Crimson Tide A-Day wrap-up: Some questions answered, some still remain

    Jess could it be a bit premature to be judging the OL? OL is a pretty complex position to learn and we have a new OL coach on staff. He has only had the spring to work with the guys which is not a lot of time at all. I personally hope by August he can make his presence felt and things will be...
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    What to watch this weekend?

    Curious about what the experts think we should watch for most this weekend at the A day game. I always find A day a bit difficult to figure out since we have one unit going against another from the same team. This makes it hard to figure out if great plays are the result of a strength in one...

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