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    Peter Zeihan: The End of China

    I’ve been a Peter Zeihan fan for some time — he’s spoken at Mrs. Basket Case’s former law firm several years running. Even if he’s right about Russia and China (I think he is) I also think he focuses a bit too much on the end result, and doesn’t pay enough attention to the damage they can do...
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    2023 Recruiting: 2023 Recruiting Targets

    Hmmmmmm……. I’m curious as to why you feel the NCAA is anything beyond an event-planning organization. Since SCOTUS’s decision in the O’Bannon case, what have you seen that indicates the NCAA’s desire or power to do anything beyond stern finger-wagging?
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    Mike Dubose retires

    Only with the benefit of 25 years of hindsight, I think the Dubose era was sad for everyone involved. He was a really good DL coach, somewhat overmatched as a DC, and thrust into an historically Top 5 HC position for which he would never be ready….largely on the wave of a fan-initiated fax...
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    No way tcu is better than Bama with a healthy Bryce Young. If the committee's job is to get the best 4 teams, they have to put Alabama over tcu.

    I don’t think there’s any way a 1-loss TCU falls below a 2-loss Alabama, especially when their one loss was in OT in a conference championship game. If they’d gotten clocked like USCw did, maybe. But given what actually happened, no way. Plus, even if we somehow snuck in, I think we’d be a...
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    Short List for "Potential" OC and DC Replacements

    Stephen M. Smith is prone to both hyperbole and unwarranted assumptions. And in any case, he’s reporting on a tweet from someone I’ve never heard of — Sua Cravens. Cravens’ tweet: - Speculates on Colorado’s new HC. How many times have we seen a “done deal” fall through? - Further speculates...
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    Short List for "Potential" OC and DC Replacements

    Morgan Scalley is my nominee for DC. Tonight, his Utah D looked so much like ours from the mid 2010s, I was almost crying for all the nostalgia.
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    Game Thread: PAC12 Championship | Utah vs USC (FOX @ 7p CT)

    OK, I have my name for our next DC — Morgan Scalley. These guys look like we used to….Fast, tough, lay the wood all the time.
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    Game Thread: PAC12 Championship | Utah vs USC (FOX @ 7p CT)

    The Utes are playing defense the way we used to.
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    Alabama fans no longer with us who looked forward to this day?

    I knew Dr. Phillips well. Long story short, I had a work study job for two years in a now-defunct arm of the University. Was fortunate to have travelled with him to conferences in several places I’d never have gone to if not for that job. I was a go-fer aide, helping to set up and break down...
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    Homemade buttermilk biscuits and breakfast sausage

    Looks great! Do you smoke the ham hock yourself, or buy it pre-done?
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    News Article: On star-studded Thompson, 8th-grader Trent Seaborn shines in AHSAA title win

    I read an article somewhere on this kid in this game, and there’s an interesting Alabama tie. The family lived in Colorado until recently, and knew the Tagovailoa (sp?) family. They moved to Alabama specifically so the kid could go to Thompson High School — which is the same high school as...
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    Alabama Transfer Portal news

    Not sure about who started, but I also noticed Deonte Lawson getting most of the ILB snaps alongside TooToo, even early in the barn game. Looks like he passed Moody late in the season.
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    Short List for "Potential" OC and DC Replacements

    I don’t know if Golding was where he shouldn’t have been. Even if he was, I have no idea what might have caused him to be somewhere he didn’t need to be. But if you’re a football coach at Alabama, whether HC, coordinator, or a position coach, you simply can’t go to a bar. Tuscaloosa’s just...
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    News Article: Leaving & Staying: What Alabama Offense Might Look Like Next Season

    Interesting reading. With one caveat, I tend to agree with the author’s assessment of the QB situation. Ty Simpson just looks like an infinitely better passer than Jalen Milroe. And acknowledging that Milroe is far better than Simpson as a runner, Simpson’s not bad himself. But a QB’s...
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    BREAKING Reports: Kiffin to Auburn; ... Black Bears deny; ... Auburn: Who? Us? … Kiffin: No Thank You ... (Some) AU Folks: Slow your roll ... Freeze: I accept

    The first one in Oxford, Ole Miss deserved the win. We just didn’t play well, and they did. The second one in Tuscaloosa took: - 5 Alabama turnovers, including - 2 fumbled KO returns, each setting up OM inside the 25 - A miraculous TD on a pass that would have been intercepted, except two...
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    BREAKING Reports: Kiffin to Auburn; ... Black Bears deny; ... Auburn: Who? Us? … Kiffin: No Thank You ... (Some) AU Folks: Slow your roll ... Freeze: I accept

    Who is Heather Goober Gober, and why do I care what she has to say about the price of a coach in Auburn tea in China?
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    Rose Bowl given til Wednesday to make decision on their role in a 12 team playoff.

    The Rose Bowl is getting a long-overdue ultimatum: “We’re done with your prima donna act….it adds no value and is really irritating. You will be with us on our terms. Or you will be without us on your terms….your choice, but we need your answer quickly. There will be no going back. So...
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    BREAKING Reports: Kiffin to Auburn; ... Black Bears deny; ... Auburn: Who? Us? … Kiffin: No Thank You ... (Some) AU Folks: Slow your roll ... Freeze: I accept

    Didn't see the Yahoo article linked. It's a recap of what Freeze did at Ole Miss, and how the phone records showed up. In a nutshell: - Freeze and Ole Miss knew: (1) What the NCAA violations were, (2) When they occurred, and (3) What the likely punishments were going to be, so.... - They...
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    Mack Brown 's comments on Transfer portal

    Only if it doesn’t blow up the rest of the group.

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