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    Random question: Centre, AL Voting

    So, i was in Centre, AL on some business, and in almost every yard, there was either a green "vote YES" sign or a red "Vote NO, keep us dry," (or something along those lines) For those that live there or near there (or if you just know what's going on), just wondering what was on the ballot...
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    The ultimate "FAIL"

    A little comic relief for the evening... - This is what FAIL looks like :biggrin:
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    UT/Bama Week: Thoughts, predictions, etc...

    Always a fun week...As I said after the UGA game, I still do not think we have a shot to beat y'all, but I at least have hope we can keep this one close, then finish out the year strong Our D will give Ingram more of a challenge that he has had all year (VT debatable, but I still think our...
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    Caption This: Les Miles style

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    Trent Richardson?

    I've been at a party, so only in and out of the game thread and in and out of the game, so I apologize if already discussed....Looking at stats does not show any carries, returns, or receptions by Richardson...It shows rushes by Ingram, Upchurch and Grant, as well as by two WRs, but none by...
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    Crimson and Orange jerseys in Tuscaloosa this year?

    NCAA got rid of the stupid colored jersey rule I would absolutely LOVE to see both teams wearing their colors in Tuscaloosa this year...Hope our ADs get together and work it out bc when I think of old school teams where both had their home jerseys, Bama/UT is the first thing I think of...
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    How would a 4-team or 8-team playoff turn out?

    Just for fun, now that we're in the mini-silly season (the couple of weeks proir to good bowls), wanted to get y'all opinions on how you think a 4 or 8 team playoff would turn out this year, using the BCS rankings as the seeding? In my scenario (and that's just for the sake of this thread, we...
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    Kiffin and UT agree in Principle...

    Both the Knox News Sentinel and ESPN reporting that Kiffin and UT have agreed in principle for Kiffin to be HC...A calculated risk, but not a bad hire IMO... I hope he brings his dad with him LOL
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    Midway Poll: Who willl play for the NC?

    We are now Midway through, and I see a few possible players for the 2 spots in the NC...So, halfway through the season, who do you think will play in the BCS Championship game In alphabetical order: Alabama 6-0 BYU/Utah/Boise St 6-0/7-0/5-0 Florida 5-1 Georgia 5-1 LSU 4-1 Missouri 5-1 Ohio...
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    Tell me about the Tide...

    With the Vols visiting Tuscaloosa next week, I wanted to get an idea of what y'all have...Obviously, I can see the record, but that doesn't always tell the story...Are y'all just not playing well? Are you injured? Coach not putting you in good sets? What? And, what about personnel? We...
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    In the spirit of fairness... UT's Jones, Paige cited on marijuana possession charges

    I defend the Vols when I feel they are being unfairly criticized here, so when we deserve the criticism, I'll be fair about it too...So, before anyone else posts it :biggrin: After a poor showing in the Fulmer Cup last year, Tennessee takes the early 2008 lead with 2 WR's (Gerald Jones and...
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    SEC Bowl Games..

    How many do y'all think the SEC wins this year? My pick is 6-3 Winners: LSU, UGA, Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, MSU Losers: Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas What do y'all think
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    ***SECCG Tennessee v. LSU Game Thread***

    A little early, but I got to get to grillin' and drinkin' Hoping y'all would let me start the official Game thread:biggrin:
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    Just an old fashioned Butt Woopin'

    Great game guys...That was just a good butt woopin. I won't even get into the 100 different reasons yall won except to say you beat our tails up and down the field. I once again had a blast in T-Town, and we were treated wonderfully. Again, congrats and apologies that we didn't at least give...
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    My Bi-Annual "Would love to meet up with some of you" Thread...

    Hello, it's that time of year again when I am preparing for my trek to Tuscaloosa...if all goes like it normally does, we will be consuming beverages at Phil's on the strip on Friday evening... Saturday is up in the air...if it's a JP game, we may come back after the game, but may stay...if...
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    Saban and his Suit

    This may have been addressed on one of the other A-Day threads, but I did not read through all of them, so advance apologies if it has been brought u My question is will Nick Saban be wearing a suit during football season? I noticed he had the coat and tie yesterday...Is that just for the A-Day...
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    Tailgating in Tuscaloosa '07

    Whatsup Guys and Gals... We have already made our reservations for Tuscaloosa this year...We'll be heading down on Friday, and probably doing the strip that evening... If we want to tailgate at the Quad, how does that work? Is it first come, first serve? If so, I may bring a tent and a...
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    Work Force in Alabama, Wednesday, 1/3/07

    My wife works for a Birmingham based company...Should she just plan to stay home tomorrow? I cannot IMAGINE that ANYTHING productive is going to get done in the state of Alabama business world tomorrow :biggrin: :tongue:
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    Bama/Auburn vs. Troy St/UAB?

    Just wondering what the story is on the the Tide and Tigers lack of games against the Blazers and Trojans According to the link below (Bama vs. All Opponents), Bama has not played either school...I don't know about Auburn for sure, but I don't remember them playing either one of them...I...
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    Cal @ USC Thread

    This game looks more like a Tide/Vols score LOL 9-9 4:09 left in the 3rd

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