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    Bama Game Thread: Bama vs Jax State - Fri 8p CST SECN

    This team can really help Alabama take a leap forward in Bball. I loved seeing this team play with intensity and togetherness in their last game. They definitely communicate better. Looking forward to watching this season play out.
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    Did Harsin’s seat just get very hot?

    I wonder if Harsin is tanking on purpose because he knows he's gone one way or another?
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    LOL at TAMU...

    Maybe he should have worried more about App St instead of what Coach Saban said and he might have been ready to play.
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL GAME THREAD - Bama vs. Texas, 2nd Half...

    This is absolutely shameful on all levels.
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    Future of the Program

    I'm certainly not as fully tuned in as others but just have a couple of questions: If you replace coach Bohanon who do you replace him with? Who is going to take the Bama bb job knowing the uphill recruiting battle from the get go? I don't know all the NCAA recruiting and scholarship rules but...
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    Could the SEC stage its own college football playoff? It's all on the table at spring meetings.

    Makes me wonder if the SEC might be in talks with a couple of other conferences in regards to breaking away from the NCAA and doing their own thing.
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    Eli Ricks Arrested-Charge Dismissed by Court

    I don't guess it really matters whether you're going 30 or 100 when someone dies as a result, does it? Plus, it's been reported on this thread that he was doing 91 so there's that.....
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    News Article: Longhorn player pinpoints their problems

    Unfortunately, in a few years when the Saban's of the coaching world are gone this will likely be most teams.
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    NCPA files Civil Rights Grievance

    Maybe. But maybe some people don't mind good change but detest stupid/destructive change.
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    Alabama at Miss State

    I understand being frustrated by coaching as some on here have indicated but unless something is done to level the recruiting/scholarship playing field we're not gonna do great no matter who we may hire as coach.
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    NCPA files Civil Rights Grievance

    Welcome to the death throws of college sports. In 10 years or less it will be gone.
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    Bama Game Thread: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Bama vs. Vandy...

    If we could clean up the turnovers and hit some of those 3s we missed (mostly good shots taken that just didn't fall, imho) we blow Vandy(and most anyone else) off the court.
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    Nate Oats: Alabama benching players who do not defend

    For everyone asking what took so long: For all we know Coach has tried a lot of different things short of this and it has now come to a "last resort" type call out in public. I hope this gets some guys attention.
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    Pete Golding arrested for DUI (link)

    Anybody know if he takes medicine? If so, could the interaction have caused the appearance of DUI? Honest question because I certainly don't know. I'd venture to say nobody else on here does either. I don't condone drinking and driving. I've always told my daughter to call me and I will make...
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    Bama Game Thread: OFFICIAL Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UGA, Monday, January 10, 7:00 PM, ESPN...

    "Revenge? Revenge for what?" "Being Born" Doc Holiday to Wyatt Earp
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    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly… Bearcat style

    Good: offense and defense - BoB called the game he needed to call. Cincinnati sold out to keep us from bombing them and at that we used death by 1000 cuts. Bad: officiating. How does a guy not get kicked out of the game when he punches and rips the helmet off a player in the same action? Ugly...
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    Game Thread: The "Bowl Games That Nobody Cares About" Thread

    Yeah, Dukes is good mayo.
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    Players state of mind

    I really like the TEAM attitude. This does not bode well for Cincy.
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    My thoughts on Iron Bowl rivalry.

    I'll put in my $.02. I hate AU (rivalry wise) and everyone who knows me knows it. My daughter, who is now 18, has been brought up to mirror my disdain for the cow college. Yes, in the grand scheme of things, Bama and its fans are focused on winning NCs, as it should be. There is NOTHING, short...
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    Coaching Carousel 2021

    I attended a UM game the season we beat them for a NC. They were playing TCU and it was a dull crowd. Stadium was probably a little over half full. Some on here would say "but it was TCU" and I would say we drew a bigger crowd against the likes of Duke and MTSU. I remember calling my folks a day...

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